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  • rickarooski rickarooski Feb 12, 2014 6:38 PM Flag

    VERY interesting news today. Surprised NO ONE picked up on it. ??Rick ready??

    Hustler night club in NY got dinged today with a multi-million tax levy for lap dances that they didn't collect / pay. Ya gotta hope that RICK has prepared for this event in their handling of this issue in their NY clubs, and, other venues where legislative-sorts want to increase city coffers $$$$.

    I know RICK has broached the topic. I'm of the understanding that, whereas the issue is in the courts (multiple states) that RICK has salted away the appropriate funds IN ADVANCE instead of taking it out of earnings in BULK in ONE QUARTER. I'm sorry, but that type of news WON'T be received well and the pukes who F with this equity will have a field day.

    So RICK management. I'm hoping that one of you actually read this post and are putting monies away for a rainy (legal) day. An ounce of prevention ................ well, you know! The chances of the "tax" being legal and levied WELL exceed the chance that this means of city revenue will go away quietly. And here's some help for you. The LEGALITIES of the tax have NOTHING to do with this issue as the powers that be will side with revenue production over Constitutional basis EVERY TIME!!! SO PLEASE be preparing yourself for the inevitable!!

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