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  • ldp397 ldp397 Feb 9, 2012 12:38 PM Flag

    News Finally

    Interesting Read...February 9, 2012

    Part of what was written:

    "With the first phase of the funding committed, the operator and partner in the project CAVU Energy Services, Inc. ("CES"), will be able to complete the disposal well and begin utilizing the CAVU Resources facility. The completion of this private place should eliminate the need for further dilution and or debt related transactions for CAVU in the near future. CAVU's approximate 40% ownership in CES and the ongoing success of the Chisholm Lease project should pay multiple dividends to our shareholders in the near future," said William Robinson, CEO of CAVU Resources, Inc.

    Does this mean that our shares could go up and over one cent....and also receive dividends later down the road?

    Sure would like to see some up movement instead of a stalemate everyday.

    Good Luck to those of us who are holding on by a thread.

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    • Got my fingers....toes...eyes...legs all crossed.

      We need a break from this constant downward spin of this companies stock.

      They have a conference coming up so hopefully things will open up.... P L E A S E

      I still do not understand the Sept. 2011 Vote when we were supposed to get a 1:40 Ratio of new stock in newly formed company? Where is that placed or it is not placed? Do I have this wrong? Or has that stock not gotten above "0" yet? I have see no news/information about this since Sept. 2011. Maybe I need a clarification?

      Cannot do anything about this...just Hold and Pray!

      Good Luck to Us all....

    • Luckily I just put some leftover $ that was extra from getting other order on other stock cheaper so I have 50,000 shares of this which cost me $700 Just a lottery ticket type to me..Thats petty cash and I'll take the write off but I still hold and get a $700 Laugh off of this POS Sorry you others put more in it AMRN did well for me as well as ELN and TGC hit I ever wanted to buy a oil stock but did after I had a few Budweisers My Bad on this 1 But $700 I can Pissssst that away.

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      • Yes, I would say your are lucky.

        I am a holder of TGC also. They have had ruff times since 2008 but now above $1.00 again.

        Think they show a lot of promise. A lot of positive information coming out now.

        Good Luck to you with TGC. They have very good dummies here! Hee Haw

        As for CAVU Resources...I don't know what the heck they are doing???? I have a great deal of stock involved in this company. I try to keep an upper lip fingers crossed....maybe stupid on my part...

        Good Luck to Us All....Maybe CAVU will get lucky, when not LQQKing, and get this stock moving up in the right direction.


    • ceo has been saying this on other previous matchinations of this shell. cavr stands for cadaver...i lost over $60k trying to believe in this guy.

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