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  • fredinpenn fredinpenn Nov 5, 2009 12:45 PM Flag

    this is a POS

    what is wrong with EXPD? It is not participating with this 200 point rally regarding the most fabulous numbers in the world that CSCO 's John Chambers sees happening.

    oh wait, let me look out the window to count how many boats with cantainers are sitting in the harbor. zero. that was a quick count. Let's check to see how many more insiders have sold into all of the rallies.

    sliding into 29

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    • The party is over in the near time. Sell now and buy back later. Q4 will not be much better. I hear they are loosing market share to DHL, Schenker, CEVA.
      Any way to verify?

    • ah...forgetaboutit reappears. Dude, you've been wrong for what, 2 years now!?!?!? Get your sorry arse outta here why don't ya? The economy in the TANK and your predictions STILL haven't come true. And let me tell you, if EI ever sinks to 15 or whatever, then the country will be knee deep into a DEPRESSION and nobody, including your genius self, will be doing well.

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      • by the way "economy in the tank" this has been my best year ever in the market, (all long plays) since 2003. economy sucs, EXPD sucs stock market is awesome.

        your a typical baghokder, can't believe you still own this. if the market didn't rally you would be @ 25

      • are you on the correct board. i said this was breaking 25 when it was 50 and i was right it went to 23 and change. this has done nothing but go down for the last 2 years. your post has to be for another stock. anyone long here for the last 4 years has to be sic by now, it reached a split high of 62 and it's been cha-ching for me all the way to 25. guess i was wrong lmao idiot

    • way over valued here at 32. growth is gone. imop the p/e should be around 15-20 at best not 28. this should trade around 20.

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