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  • amymsmith93079 amymsmith93079 Apr 10, 2012 10:47 PM Flag

    There is no way these folks should receive millions of dollars a year.

    The management of this company has enriched itself at the shareholder expense for decades. It's totally out of line with the compensation at other companies, even those much larger and with more complicated management profiles.

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    • I have read a lot of stupid things written by self-anointed experts over the years. As I leap at the chance to re-acquire shares of Expeditors for the Nth time (eventually I will learn that with EXPD the proper holding period is, as Buffett says, "forever"), I note that one persistent critic of Expeditors has evidently never read a proxy statement from any company, ever. I suggest that she- or he- subscribe to the free daily e-mails from Footnoted. Or, um, maybe read some headlines. There's a guy named Aubrey Something Or Other. His board gives him millions whenever he gets a margin call. He has hair that's as gorgeous as the Kedwards Kidz. I'm pretty sure there's a proxy footnote that details how much shareholders pay for his hair, right up there with his private jet travel. Jet travel on the shareholder million is increasingly common nowadays. Oddly, a glance at the proxy statement for Expeditors (one really should read that little thing, oughtn't one, before setting oneself up as a Kompensation Kourt Kween) reveals a gaping hole where things like airplane rides, bodyguards, company cars, company accountants' time, company tax lawyers' time, company yacht cruises, company-paid combs and toothbrushes would normally appear, with normal public companies.

      So it is only natural that a company with an even purer track record on perquisites than Berkshire Hathaway should be attacked for having overpaid executives. I suppose it's only surprising that there aren't more morally obtuse factually challenged maggots crawling around showing off their witless whinging.

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      • Nice obtuse reply---speaking in metaphors and axioms is surely a sign of your ebullient wisdom. Or perhaps you actually believe your drivel that corporate jets and sweet well deals are the only measuring sticks for executive salary largess. Yawn.

        Would it surprise you to find out that EXPD exec's enrich themselves beyond that of Goldman Sachs. Perhaps you'd like to find a firm of any market cap that has more exessive pay. You know, actually make a substantive contribution to a discussion. Keep rolling, bagholder. This issue has been dead money for years, since the medium pie becomes a small before you minions ever have a chance.

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