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  • crossxchrist crossxchrist Jul 17, 2008 11:28 AM Flag

    Like Macke said coal is dying.....sell it!!

    Get out before you get burned...........

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    • If you are so Godly you should not suggest buying material things such as gold!

    • Chris - I always appreciate the Word but your emphasis on making money via the Bible borders on heresy. Your efforts at evangalism are ruined by serving 2 masters. Repent, if you are sincere. Those of us that love and serve the Lord would appreciate that.

    • I told you all to get out at 60 in my previous posts!!! I have been short the market for quite some time and will use this money to propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Come to Christ before it's too late because the Eternal Lake of Fire awaits those who reject the Cross of Christ and His love! Even though I pray for our government as written in the Holy Scriptures. The corruption is evident. Remember, a fool and his money are soon departed.......

    • Chris, why are you serving two masters? You cannot work for both God and worldly wealth. See Sermon on the Mount.

    • Man, so what are you? A money worshipper? Do you think you are in control of things? News flash! You're not. You have absolutely no control of anything except your own behavior and actions. The ball is out of your court, and you have to take the consequences of your own actions.

      I'm a God fearing man, and I believe that all the wisdom of the world is to be found in the Bible. I'm not a bible-toting guy, but if you actually read it, you would find plenty of wisdom there. The apocolypse that Chrisx is predicting will come sooner or later. As Shakespeare said (lifting it right out of the bible) in Hamlet, "There is a special providence in the fall of the sparrow. If it be now, 'tis not to come; if it be not to come, it will be now; if it be not now, yet it will come. The readiness is all." See Christs Sermon on the Mount.

      Only an idiot thinks he can control the outcome of anything. Universal Law.


    • Do you know how many Doomsdayers have preceded you?? I've lost count. Your 15 minutes of fame is about to run out. Please exit this board and go to one infested with your peers.

    • Well, I did not lie!! If you read all of my posts I said to buy gold. Why so angry, are you losing all of your money in this stock that I warned everyone to sell at 60? Maybe you are ashamed of yourself because of all the vile information in your profile. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and He will forgive you of ALL of your SIN. The end is coming, buy gold and get ready for the signs leading to the "great and terrible Day of the Lord." Thank you for the insults because I will be rewarded by the Lord for being persecuted for His namesake. Love covers a multitude of sins.....

    • If it's the End of the World, why would you buy Gold? To try to Bribe St. peter?

      Seems to be me makes more sense to buy a Case of Jack Daniels and order in a few Hookers.

    • If you only would have listened to me.....I told ya'll to sell at 60!!! The Bible has all the early warning signs, but no one would listen. Come to Christ before it is too late!! If you don't surrender to the love of Christ and His sacrifice on the cross, then He will be silent in your calamity.

      1 Sam. 15:23 says, "For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry..."

      The crash is coming are you ready????????????????????
      Time is running out.......Heed my advice like before and buy GOLD!!!

    • I told you folks to SELL a long time ago and you would not listen. My short is still making me 10 fold. Next time listen to a BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN and make some real money. I know enough about Bible prophecy to know where this market is going and it's only going to get worse. Armageddon is coming my friends so listen up!! Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ for your sins and be saved from the wrath to come....

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