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  • purdu11 purdu11 Jul 22, 2008 10:08 AM Flag

    Like Macke said coal is dying.....sell it!!

    Gee I wonder who is going to pay for the 130 coal cars of coal that just went by my house in Indiana. Do you think is was the last shipment. lol you jerk

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    • Who is the jerk now.....sell coal and buy gold, oil and short the dollar!! Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ before it is too late............

    • IMF recently raised the world growth figures from high 3's to low 4's. More growth means more power and developing nations still need coal and will continue to need coal for the next 30 plus years.

      Not to mention, I remember when oil was in the 60's and people said around this time it would be back into the 40's - wrong! Those who preach the demise of coal are as big of fools as those who preached that oil would be in the 40's in 2008.

      Coal is Gold baby. Let's keep digging, shipping and producing power with it. Go carbon emissions! Makes for milder winters and longer summers. Who can argue with the positives of carbon emissions?