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  • bill_billingsly bill_billingsly Nov 15, 2012 3:33 PM Flag

    ACI WAS $8.75 LAST WEEK!

    OBAMA IS A TOTAL DISTASTER. This stock has lost nearly half of it value in one week for one reason only. OBAMA. The Great Divider.

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    • Only a fool buys coal when the industry is losing business and the EPA is out to clean this old form of energy out the door. We have known for years coal is taking a hit due to all the health problems associated with this dirty, cancer causing subject. Only a fool invests in coal. A lousy investor that should know better. If you own coal stocks right now, you deserve to lose your money.
      Fools, inexperienced investors that are far too stupid to even US is full of zeros.
      Shut down this industry once and for all. And I'm making money on it.......

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • Fools? Lousy and inexperienced investors? Stupid? If that's how you talk to people then kingforadayortwo sounds about right. Have a little decorum or you'll be ignored by people.

        The most foolish strategy is to not have a strategy at all and just follow the crowd. Don't buy coal because the EPA doesn't like is? That's not a strategic analysis. Coal stocks can be a great investment. You just have to do your diligence and understand the market and the industry from an investing standpoint. Look at the auto industry: it causes thousands of deaths every year, pollutes the air and water and creates waste, noise and light pollution. Are autos going away? No. Is the industry in trouble? Usually. Can you make money on auto stocks? Absolutely. You have to be a student of the stock.

        Coal isn't going down, it's going clean. Thermal coal is burning in new zero emissions plants to generate power, and it's going overseas as an export: and metallurgical coal will always be necessary for steel making. I wouldn't avoid coal, in fact ACI is a value stock that pays a nice dividend. At the current price it's attractive, but I'm greedy so I'd hold for a better entry point. I own ACI and I've made and will continue to make nice profits from it and other coal stocks as well - just get in at a good price, don't bet the house on it, and you'll be fine. Bet on the demise of the US coal industry? Not me. And don't call me a fool...oh wait, that's my name!

        Sentiment: Buy

      • Really? I've made money on coal investments, repeatedly. It might have been a good idea to buy some puts just in case this train wreck of a president managed to get himself re-elected but that's not the end of the story. The coal industry isn't going down the drain and if anyone thinks so, then they're the fools. There's opportunity in coal: There is world wide demand for US coal: thermal for heat and metallurgic for steel production, and we've got it.
        The problem with coal IS the EPA or more precisely the Clean Air Act. Those old coal plants should have been replaced with clean burners years ago but weren't, and the reason they weren't is that the Clean Air Act made it economic to keep the old plants running and nearly impossible to build new plants. Of course coal can be burned clean, there are technologies to do so. There are new coal plants coming on line now that produce essentially zero emissions. Why is the Obama EPA permitting this? Because it is necessary and environmentally defensible. America and the world need clean coal, because wind and sun and animal farts or whatever just are not going to cut it, and they're going to get it.

        Yes, I own ACI.

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    • I hate the stock market. I hate this stock. I hate Obama. I hate losing money!!!

    • dollars2come Nov 21, 2012 1:31 PM Flag

      Coal was over 8 last week and then came the news Obama was goin to rule earth for another term and so Coal retreated, GAPPING down I may emphasize. So now what always happens? You smart and experience traders/investors know gaps will eventually be filled. So what would the smart move entail. ---BUY | HOLD | SELL | SHORT--- If you selected buy or hold you should move to the head of the class. The remainders of folks, I would like to thank you for your contributions or better know as currency.

    • It was 50/50 at best that romney would beat obama, with those odds you should have dumped your shares for good if you believe one of Obamas objectives are to put coal mine company's out of may be right but I would hope the better managed coal companies will find a way to realign their sales and distribution strategies to meet their revenue objectives.....for the ones that don't they will go out of business or be forced to sell of their assets to a solvent coal company looking to grow

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • To be fair Obama hasn't done anything AT ALL in the past week to coal.... it's a TOTAL Overreaction and weak hands... coupled with the press playing up... it will reverse.... just need one catalyst, the question is how low before it turns around but it will, today may have been it... may extend into tomorrow but we've been here before and know how fast it can turn around

    • If individuals will only not listen to what he says, watch what he has done, and more importantly what he intends to do.
      The arrogant narcissist believes he has a mandate. He does, but from people who would rather get food stamps and a check than a good job. But in reality he only got 50% of the popular vote. Obamacare is going to Kill small employers. Now he thinks he can Cram Through a Carbon Tax. I feel sorry for the longs who have and are losing so much money. And where are those who were so indignant when it was suggested government regulations and specifically obama's regulations would kill the industry? Wasn't their mantra all about the price of natural gas getting over $3? Didn't they say obama was good for Coal? Where are they now? If they sold, does say something about their character or lack thereof?