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  • takemeserious2004 takemeserious2004 Nov 19, 2012 1:51 PM Flag

    Obama may soften stance on coal ash.

    Read the Forbes news release under First Energy ( FE ).

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    • Actually I am shorting coal stocks.

    • It's not the President but the EPA putting in place rules that safe guards for the people of the US, air quality, land and water that should have been adopted years ago but Bush didn't care about anyone accept big business making billions while polluting the country. He did the same in Texas. You people are fools for letting it all go just for your stocks. This is not only greed but stupidity. All of you knew the EPA were going try to clean up our lakes, air, land and stop poisoning Americans with cancer causing carcinogens all derived from burning coal. Canada is making the move to eliminate coal burning all together as are many "civilized" nations around the world. Like always, we are leading the global turn away from coal and it's the right thing to do. I know this was coming years ago and that is why I will not own or support coal. Anyone here owning coal stocks are gambling with the deck stacked against you. Smart investors keep their investment risks as low as possible but playing coal stocks is a suckers game and I see a lot of them on this board whining, complaining and blaming everyone when you should be blaming yourself. No one told you to buy coal stocks or held the gun to your head. Grow up and face reality. If you don't like the way the countries EPA is heading, move to Canada and see what is really happening. Or move to Mexico City and see how long your lungs last before the coal smog poisons you.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • Hey clownie! You know that air in Mexico City? It eventually finds it's way to the US. Your brain has been affected by much stronger substances than air pollution.

      • I do not understand some of your points. Coal is projected to be, by our own administration (ref: EIA), the fastest growing fuel source in the developed world over the NEXT 20 years. That is just the lower margin thermal side. NatGas in Europe is ridiculous per MMBTu. What, $14? Here it is $3.81. Germany is buying ever crumb of thermal it can get and will gladly pollute the living tar out of the rest of Europe to make a buck. Pollution tax, they laugh at it. Go read up.

        So, the US is leading the way in slowing CO2 emissions, mercury and the like. Big whoop as they say, we live in one large global bathtub. The US consumes right at 1B short tonnes a year; global consumption is 8B. This 8B is expected to increase to right at 9B in the next two years. US will fall to smaller percentage of an even larger number. Can't regulate those other countries, or can we?

        From a strictly myopic, me centered thinking, yes, the US will impose more and more sanctions, regulations and the like. But isn't CO2, methane and mercury ...aren't they ... well in the atmosphere for all to share?

        How about the met side?

        The steel used to construct non-coal powerplants (NatGas for example) is made with met coal. Airplanes, cars, office building frames, shopping malls, you name it, met coal there Sir.

        You have an alternative? Met is the most profitable and is a must based on it's carbon content for adding to the molten iron and also to keep the temperature high enough in the furnace. All ears here on how to make the steel infrastructure for the wind farms without coal.

        Good luck out there with your agenda. I recommend you visit the now second largest coal consumer (India next to China) and press your case there. Let me know how far you get.


    • I guess he is an effen dictator.