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  • sasham_69 sasham_69 Nov 26, 2012 11:53 AM Flag

    Don't Panic......

    Quite yet people. As long as the trend line holds.............. this name is a screaming BUY! Don't listen to all of the political mumbo-jumbo...... It means NOTHING. If it closes under that trend line, then I will rethink my current position. Until then....... technically, I maintain that it is a BUY.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • This board has been over-run but the trolls, it seems. I was disturbed by the run down to $6.50 but not too disturbed to shoot another bullet. I suppose now the resistance is that ~$8.50ish close pre-election.

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      • Been watching and waiting. I exited long time ago and to the point of this short thread; I note ACI has broke above the downtrend line but there is not much of an uptrend on a daily basis. IMO. 3 days off a bottom is good, but not much to cheer about.
        I find it amusing that the trolls on this board who expound at great length about how bad coal stocks are and how they warned not to own or buy them, show their lack of conviction in that not one of them ever mentioned going short. But then , like the current administration, it appears very likely that those who voted for that administration also lack even 20/20 hindsight. lolz