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  • kingforadayortwo kingforadayortwo Nov 28, 2012 4:05 PM Flag

    God bless President Obama

    God bless President Obama

    Finally we see that it’s “We the People,” not “We the Billionaires,” not “We the Corporations,” and definitely not “We the Fox News Republican Channel.”

    Maybe, but not likely, Republicans will finally realize that they need to get out of our bodies and our bedrooms. God bless America, and God bless the president of the United States.

    We never needed a Mormon is the White House. Romney is gone forever!!!!!!!!!!

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    • @kingforadayortwo
      Do you long any stocks?

    • Don't you mean Praise Allah ?

    • Republicans in the Congress are going to have another major political loss when they concede to public pressure that they have to agree on raising taxes to high income households. I dont understand why they are fighting a battle that they can not win?. The people was clear this past election when voted for Obama and his Tax plan. Raise taxes on the wealthy people! and let it be.
      I see Democrats in power for a long time. The majority of young Americans voted for a Democrat and that pretty much tells you what is the future on values and views in this country. Being so conservative does not apply on the new generations.

      ohhh Another thing to be happy about Obamas reelection is that coal stocks are so dirt
      cheap that is time to buy for the coming recovery. ACI can easily trade at around $10 by spring.


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      • Bush gave tax cuts and borrowed the money to, adding to the debt, not to mention his trillion dollar wars. One illegal war in Iraq and billions on no bid contracts to Cheney's old company Halliburton (they moved to Dubai so they wouldn't have to pay taxes). Then there is the billions that went missing (cash). The Republicans are the ones that built the debt. Reagan borrow trillion to defeat the USSR with all kinds of military build up include Star Wars. GH Bush went to war as did sonny boy. George W did nothing for Texas but left the state in its first debt ever. His so called school programs were the biggest failure as were the programs he cut to service the wealthy businesses and management. He cut the EPA off and Texas became the biggest polluter in the union. People that vote for Republicans haven't a clue what goes on but many of us perform due diligence and know the deal. Brainwashing by the Tea party sure worked especially when this uneducated folk believe everything they hear from people like Rush Limbaugh. The Republican party succeeded in dividing this country with lies, hate and misinformation. Perform your due diligence and see the lies. Only a fool would back a liar with nothing in it for them. That is the Republican way. Fishing for suckers and we have a bunch here!

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    • Hey Romney is meeting with Obama tomorrow for lunch. So Romney is not gone lol

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    • we see people asking "what can my country do for me?"

      go fuqq yourself like it's your job