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  • no_blinders no_blinders Dec 31, 2012 9:29 AM Flag

    The "Fiscal Cliff" will be a good thing for the market.

    A reality check now and then is good.
    In the end we will see the real cost of fluff and expenses of arrogant ignorance.
    I there are further dips I'm adding more.

    IMO equity, especially those over sold are resilient and reality will set in, no matter what your politics.

    If the President last Friday signed in a cross-the board Federal employee wage increase and mainstream media has not pick up why believe everything they pring.

    Coal will be mined, exports have and will increase and eventually ACI will be trading in the teens to thirty again.
    Keep warm and safe, things are never as bad as the propaganda sheets want you to believe. Remember Y2K?

    Happy New Year

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    • Buying this dip caused by a manufactured "crisis" is a no-brainer. I've made lots of money buying during media induced periods of fear. I bought on Friday.... a little early if you're looking to scalp 5 - 10% but if you believe the thesis that emerging nations need energy (and a LOT of it!) and the U.S.A. will become a major energy supplier.... then buying today should be a no-brainer. The noise I'm seeing on "fiscal cliff" makes me smile because it's a sociological wonderment that I just can't help smiling about. People act like deer in the headlights every single time and I just can't get enough pleasure when I see and profit from these events.

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    • Whoever made money taking advice of main street news. They spin facts just enough to get some fools to buy when they should sell and sell when they should buy.

      Maybe we saw the lows last week, and now start a stead climb.

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