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  • kingforadayortwo kingforadayortwo Jan 3, 2013 4:52 AM Flag


    Since President Reagan, the GOP contributed over $9 trillion to the deficit. President George W. Bush contributed $6 trillion as a result of two wars. No weapons of mass destruction were ever found. Remember when President Clinton handed President Bush a surplus to pay down the deficit?
    President Obama inherited the interest on the deficit handed to him by President Bush. In addition, he inherited the two ongoing wars that cost over $3 trillion during his first term, plus interest.
    It's payback time for the GOP to tax the rich who made billions in profits as a result of those wars. Under the GOP administrations, more millionaires and billionaires were created.

    Lets break it down starting at Reagan

    Reagan 8
    Bush Sr 4
    Bush Jr 8

    That is 20 years of out of control spending. Reagan broke the Russians by spending on a war machine build-up. Bush Sr. additional military build up including the Gulf War.
    Bush Jr. massive spending on 2 wars and security because he failed to stop 9-11, bail out due to the financial collapse he was responsible for. Next, Bush gave us the worst recession since the GREAT DEPRESSION.

    Clinton 8
    Obama 4

    That us 12 vs.20 years in the White House.
    Clinton broke even and provided Bush NO debt under him.
    Obama got hit with all the interest, 2 wars and the mess the Republican left.
    Republicans were damning Obama his first year and that was 20 years of Republican rule!!!!

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