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  • kingforadayortwo kingforadayortwo Jan 7, 2013 2:25 AM Flag

    The Tea Party

    The founders and funders of the ‘Tea Party’ are the billionaire Koch brothers. Through them, and through their ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council,) they are seeking to turn the United States of America into a Plutocracy. They spent hundreds of millions of their personal money to buy the U.S. Government in 2012 which, thankfully, didn't work. They spent $60 million dollars to defeat Senator Sherrod Brown, which, thankfully, didn't work.

    The Koch’s are Oligarchs and through their ALEC, and behind closed doors, corporations hand state legislators the changes to the laws they desire that directly benefit their corporate bottom line: Right-to-work laws, union-busting, worker’s-rights-stripping, etc. Just look at the GOPTea governors and the havoc they’ve wrought in their states for workers: Mitch Daniels in Indiana, Rick Snyder in Michigan, John Kasich in Ohio, Scott Walker in Wisconsin, etc.

    Do the Koch/Teas in congress want to destr0y the U.S. economy? Well, witness their unceasing fiscal-cliff and debt-ceiling crises that only manages to worry Americans, get our U.S. credit downgraded, and increase our interest payments. Witness the unceasing GOPTea obstruction since the Tea were elected to congress in 2010 on the lie of “jobs, jobs, jobs.”

    Voting-out the GOPTea means we also reduce the power of the Koch brothers, Rove, Norquist, corporations and banks in our Government. Nothing has been more important for our country since 1776 than voting-out GOPTeas.

    “The Koch’s are longtime libertarians who believe in
    drastically lower personal and corporate taxes,
    minimal social services for the needy,
    and much less oversight of industry—
    especially environmental regulation.”
    ~ The Billionaire Koch Brothers’ War Against Obama by Jane Mayer,
    The New Yorker, 8-30-10

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    • I have to honestly say, this is way over the heads of the uneducated, out of work and grade 6 educated Republicans that are born suckers. You got taken to the cleaners under that idiot Bush now you try to blame everyone but yourselves for voting 20 years of Republican out of control spending from Reagan on. And you still haven't learned anything. Meddling with junk coal stocks that are the worst performing out there. Suckers love suckers. Right takemeserious2004?

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Queenforadayortwo, maybe you should lay off the crack pipe for a while

    • Hey Queenforlife....why don't you post your ideoligical propaganda somewhere else. No one cares. We all get the point that you hate coal and Republicans.

      Also, I'm from Indiana and Mitch Daniels did an excellent job as Govenor and could have easily won a 3rd term if not for term limits. He made tough spending cuts and balanced the budget. Now he is the President of Purdue University, one of the top engineering and agriculture schools in the country. They brought him in to help shore up some fiscal issues and because of his great business sense and leadership qualities.

      He posesses all of the traits we only wish Obama had. But in Obama's defense he had absolutely ZERO experience when he was elected President so you have to cut him some slack. But now he has 4 years under his belt so this time around he can't blame Bush or anyone else if he falls flat on his face. He's not off to a very good start but it's early so I will not be quick to judge.

      Good luck in 2013 all ACI longs!