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  • sellhigh999 sellhigh999 Apr 12, 2013 10:08 PM Flag

    EPA Delays new Carbon regs!!!!

    Source: Washinton Post. I think the EPA figured out blackouts will be noticed before the next election.

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    • This was expected. Obama needed the support of the Liberal Greenies to get reelected, so he basically pandered to them by saying whatever was expedient at the time. The carbon capture and sequestration idea, while feasible maybe 20 years from now, is a dead-in-the-water issue now. Coal will continue to be a VERY major player globally.
      -Frieberg, long JRCC, ACI, and for oil/ NG play: XOM, DVN and NOV

    • Obama and the EPA have finally woken up and smelled the roses. All that nonsense about cheap and plentiful natural gas being our future is long ago and far away.

      Instead of being the renaissance of natural gas - fracking is a sign of the funeral of natural gas.

      Obama the Economy Slayer could have solidified his position as our most dimwitted president by slamming coal when there is no alternative to coal. Although Obama tried to replace coal with solar, wind and natural gas - even Obama the Dimwit realized solar, wind and natural gas are impostors.

      Coal will be the mainstain of power production for a long, long time unless you want to live with electricity being available 6 hours a day

    • The Greenie Democratic base will never allow this to stand. They will undoubtedly pressure their Demo pols and the White House to press their attack against evil coal.