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  • jkwelli jkwelli Jun 30, 2013 11:59 PM Flag

    investguru72 Said coal going to Zero just a few days ago, Now??

    INteresting that investguru72 personally attacked me in another thread.

    This is some of their posts from last week or so starting from most recent.
    - Fair disclosure, I have already purchased another 30k shares this morning in the $3.80s

    -This pig will drop off a cliff on a down day. Barely holds $.01 on huge up days
    - Definitely going lower. No bottom in any coal company except $0. Anyone would be a fool to take a long position in a coal co
    - There will be no squeeze in coal
    - Jun 26, 2013 4:23 PM Been hearing squeeze talk for a year or more. Shorts have nothing to be worried abt, especially the management of ACI or other coal companies. They are all clowns

    - Coal is dead in America. Export or just liquidate. Nothing left of any of these companies.

    So what is it? Coal going zero? ACI management all clowns?
    Or, you just bought 30,000 shares and ACI suddenly going to $40 now?


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