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  • cadmium_telluride cadmium_telluride Aug 13, 2013 10:26 AM Flag

    I Have A Buy Order at $4.50 Since the weekend!

    Some how the crooks know it. They were a penny away from hitting my buy order on Monday, and again they would stay just a penny above my buy order today. How did they know? Hit me already and then let's move higher.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Mark,
      Are you getting margin calls on the 4.95 purchase and other 4 dollar range purchases? You say you made the purchases on your ever increasing margin buying power and I would expect you to get a margin calls now.

    • Another buy order at $4.95 filled today.

      Folks, remember, ALWAYS buy on the dip and never on the pop.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • "..Another buy order at $4.95 filled today..."

        So now with ACI down 20% in mere weeks, and since you say you always buy on margin for leverage, you now have a minimum 40% loss in less than a month.

        So what does this make now buffoonboy? Position Loss number 2,387 of your 'all eggs in one basket on margin' sector plays over the past few years? This loss of course is not nearly as brreathtaking as your previous multi hundred percent losses (on margin) for plays you made in PCX, JRCC, PAL, EXM, UNG, et al, but nonetheless, it is very amazing how you can by completely wiped out dozens of times after looting your 401K for every dime, sellign everything you have to make these 100%+ loss plays, and still pretending to make a 'come back' that will make you 'millions' any day now!

        Worst liar, with the worst plays, worst analysis, worst timing, and worst aggregate losses of ALL TIME award goes to cadmium, buffoonium, Stupidium.

      • "..Another buy order at $4.95 filled today..."

        Gee you are only down 20% in 6 weeks cadmium! Of course that is a lot better than your usual two hundred percent losses, or your PCX buys at 15.xx using all your capital including borrowed 401K loans, but at least maybe you will have a few cents left at the end of this fiasco.

      • You are horrible. I covered my short earlier in the week at 4.62. Why weren't you buying then?

    • Another buy order at $4.80 filled today. Nice!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I have another buy order today at $4.65. But they would only hit the low of $4.66 today!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Lest we forget Cadmium, Dellerium, TellStupidum, Dimbulbium, EnemaBarrium, markanthonium, jjium, why can't you ever answer these simple questions?

      1) Aren't you embarrased about your 150% loss in JRCC In mere months on margin? And why do you spam lecture all over the web like on the AAPL board, where REAL investors have made a fortune while you lose everything?

      2) Why did you tell us you put everything you had and all the money you could borrow in to PCX on margin ‘all in’ just months before it went BK and told us you would never sell? Aren’t you embarrassed still pretending you have investment capital?

      3) How did you manage to lose over 100% in PAL 2 years back buying it at 6, $90,000 worth on margin according to a bull palladium market, and watching it drop to 3? Thus adding to your HUGE record of such 100% losing plays?

      3) Why did you short BP way too late in the game at end of June 2 years ago, like ‘fad investment de jour’ rubes always do, and it of course immediately started a strong relief rally, going instantly opposite you? Did the well cap bolts shear like you swore must happen? lol!

      4) Why did you push loading up on Apex silver just before it went to zero and BK?

      5) Was Apple really a great short at 90 as you told us all just before it went to 500+ the next few quarters? lol

      6) Did you really make 2500% gains in 2008/2009…by going ‘all in’ ON MARGIN into SWC at 25.xx+ at the peak of the commodity bubble and riding it down to 2.xx as you claimed? How do you manage to make 2500% when your investment drops 90%??? lol

      7) Why did all your THOUSANDS of posts under tellurium_001, -002, -003, and now -004 disappear from Yahoo forums? markanthonySpamboy?

      8) Did Amax ever refine bullion bars? You argued with me over and over they didn’t..Yet 10 seconds of internet research, easily and immediately reveals they did.

      9) Is the ‘real value’ of silver really 40% more than spot like you claimed, because you found the Chinese fixed cur

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      • 9) Is the ‘real value’ of silver really 40% more than spot like you claimed, because you found the Chinese fixed currency Yuan quote on the web someplace, and don't understand the Chinese currency exchange issue?

        10) Did PAL and SWC really start exploring for additional metal reserves on their property because they read your 'yahoo' posts or got an e mail from a school drop out like you, lecturing their geologists about the 'hidden gems' that you found on Google earth with your secret meteor strike decoder ring? lol

        11) Did PAL name their ‘Cowboy” mineral exploration zone after your you actually believe and have stated? How does that explain their sheriff and Indian zones?

        12) Did auto sales rise in the U.S. all through 2008 like you said dozens of times on the SWC board? Were you really much smarter than the auto manufacturer execs who apparently didn’t understand their own sales numbers, which only YOU understood?

        13) Was platinum and palladium (from heaven according to you rather than diamonds ‘from hell’) really formed at much lower temps than diamonds like you claimed? Rather than at thousand of degrees in stellar explosions? Or did you learn something about astro-physics of the Universe since then, you science ignorant, school drop out, pretender?

        14) Were your massive losses in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, better characterized as 'opportunity gains' like you have claimed?

        15) How about your huge losses when you 'tripled up' on EXM just before a massive dilutive secondary dropped the price 40% the VERY DAY after you bought in big?

        16) Or your huge move into UNG in 2009 (your second biggest investment at the time according to you), just before CFTC investigation and other developments collapsed it the next day? Yet another 40% loser after you bought and hyped.

    • Hmmm...if they are "crooks", why would you do business with them ? You don't make much sense.
      -Frieberg, long JRCC, ACI, XOM

    • There's a lot of bogus 'liquidity' in the markets due to HFTs. The bid and ask amounts you see on your screen are not the actual bid and ask for any reasonably-sized transaction. Plus if you put a large enough legitimate limit buy (or sell) order into the system there will be a ton of day traders and HFTs trying to front-run you because your order represents a localized stop that the stock will not go under (until it fills your order). So the day trader or HFT will purchase the stock one cent higher and then try to kick it up further and sell it at a profit as long as the 'stop' represented by your fixed limit order remains in place (which virtually guarantees that the day trader or HFT won't lose more than a penny on the transaction if they miss).

      So basically a large limit near the current trading price creates an imbalance in the risk-reward equation which prompts lots of other traders to front-run you by $0.01 (or whatever).

      Happens to me all the time on thinly traded issues when I'm doing specs.

      There are only two ways to get around it, other than patience. First, you can do your buys and sells in smaller chunks. E.G. not more than $10K worth of stock at once on a thinly traded issue. Second, never leave a large limit order sitting near the current trading price (if you are using a retail broker) or sitting in the middle of a pile of other orders at that specific price (if you have level 2). If something is trading at $2.01 and you have a limit order in at $2.00, drop your limit order down to $1.95. It also helps not to use round numbers like $2.50 where the psychology of the market works against you. You can play the game too, and it is often possible to pull the price down against the speculators and then do a change-up to get a complete fill.

      It doesn't matter so much on higher-volume issues but it makes a big difference on lightly traded issues.


    • Order filled. I have another one standing at $4.25. Hit that one as well before we move higher.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • looks like its yours Mark. How many shares do you "own" now?

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      • He owns 8 million 'monopoly' shares and ZERO actual shares. I have watched him since 2007, make one horrific 'all in' trade claim on margin after another where he claimed he put all his eggs in one basket and then lost several hundred percent (due to leverage), if we believe his OWN POSTS. Unless he has someone handing him millions of dollars every time he loses everything in yet another horribly timed play, all his posts are fairy tales.

      • He owns ten hairs past a whisker. I don't think very many people actually believe that Mark owns any significant position in anything because if you go by all his past statements he'd have bankrupted himself several times order by now and shouldn't have any money left to trade WITH. If he were legit he'd post his portfolio on a regular basis instead of magicking up new funds every few months.


    • The crooks? You watch to much TV. Try reading for a change.