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  • tristrem tristrem Sep 17, 2013 10:57 AM Flag

    EU climate commissioner admits global warming a scam to increase energy prices.

    Check out the article in the Telegraph online - Connie Heddegaard, the EU climate commissioner, says it doesn't matter if the science is wrong, she just wants higher energy prices to discourage energy usage. PLUS, in the same article, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is expected to admit that previous scientific predictions for global warming and the effect of carbon emissions HAVE BEEN PROVED TO BE INACCURATE!

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    • EU climate commissioner admits global warming a scam to create climate commissioners and their salary

    • Hmmmm. Maybe they are trying to discourage energy use because there is not enough for all the savages of the earth and they don't want supplies to run out quickly. So, they fabricate the global warming hoax to increase energy prices to reduce consumption and only allow the well off to enjoy the pleasures of energy.

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      • Connie Heddegaard may want higher energy prices to discourage energy usage but she probably does not want to stop driving her gas guzzling Hummer or turn down her air conditioner.

        Any nit wit knows that the science behind climate change is a complete fraud. The physics department at Princeton University has said that climate change is complete nonsense and that the only reason some people believe it is because they are lazy. They refuse to do the basic research to see how fraudulent the climate change hucksters are.

        I think there is another reason. Climate change has become a political agenda for some people and for others almost a religion. Don't bother these people with facts, they are fanatics living with Alice in Wonderland.