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  • screwedonaclaim screwedonaclaim Apr 28, 2014 8:33 PM Flag

    Ben ! Is this headed off the cliff ?

    Ben ! As Guru and possessor of the crystal cubes, predict the future of coal stocks.

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    • Screw ACI and ANR are like stepping in dog poop on a cold winter day and then getting in your car with the heater on.

      Ben was just looking at ARLP. They hit one out of the ball park. Their stock is now $90.02 . Up $3.41 today. They have 1.1 billion tons of coal reserves. The cost of coal in CAPP is $42.52 and they sell it at $66.24. But wait it gets better. They will raise the dividend and split the stock.

      Now you would think a CEO who does that would make more than the CEO`s of ACI and ANR would you not? Not. He makes $707 thousand while the CEO of ACI gets paid $2.55 million and the CEO of ANR gets paid $2.1 million.

      Buffett said the age of CEO`s getting paid like Kings and queens must stop. If they can`t bring home the bacon why are we letting them steal from the shareholders? The CEO and management team of ACI has already shown they are not up to the job. Leer is suppose to go but it needs to be the whole crew. When ANR reports May 1 I will let you know about them but if they can`t do any better heads need to roll at ANR also. Shareholders need to call a special election and cut off some heads as in out the door without a parachute. This is not the special olympics where every one gets a medal and in the real working class you get put out the door for not making the numbers.

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