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  • dr_97701 dr_97701 Jun 2, 2014 9:00 AM Flag

    ACI will be gone in 3 to 5 years

    No one likes coal. No one needs coal. It's dirty, although cleaner than a century ago. Natural gas will be the forever fuel of the future, followed eventually by solar, wind, and tides, maybe nuclear. The stringent EPA requirements will simply force ACI to spend its billions in cash to try to hide its pollution somewhere because the technology to meet the new requirements has not been invented yet. All to no avail. Watch, listen, and learn.

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    • yes...looks like it is heading that way with EPA announcement today!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • well let's see . the USA has a 50 Billion Dollar PER MONTH Trade Deficit .... We do not manufacture anything anymore , and all our retail goods are Made in China ...... The ONLY thing we have that could even remotely get us back to a Trade Surplus is our Natural Resources as exports ...... So obviously Uncle Sam will simply leave 100's of Billions of dollars worth of coal sitting in the ground to rot ...... Nah , Americans don't give a crp about money , we like eternal debt to destroy us into poverty so we can become Greece ....... Ya , that's the ticket ........ okay so much for sarcasm , now here's the truth , American Politicians will do anything for MONEY , and MONEY is the only thing that matters in the World ...... You see how Putin is "playing nice" now ???? Was it because of the human life carnage of war ????? Nope , it's because his actions have cost him and his buddies too much MONEY !!!!!!! That's all these pigs care about - MONEY ........ and coal is worth a LOT of MONEY !!!!!!!!

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      • What the hell are you talking about? His strategy has paid off. The Russian Navy has access to a "Warm water Port" to project Russian power around the globe. No amount of punitive sanctions are going to change that. Putin won.Obama lost.
        Putin exposed Obama as a Feckless leader and is enjoying his new status as a World leader to be respected and feared. Smoke

    • You are right. They will be merged with ANR or will be bought by BTU. Either way, you lose. 5-6 billion tons of 40% the earth's energy ain't chicken feed nor will it be free.

    • you are obviously not a real doctor. No doctor could be that stupid.

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      • The long, slow slide to bankruptcy will be painful for many, perhaps even you. Coal will not be in use in the US in 10 years. We may sell some to China. There will be no use here for coal, coal mines, coal miners, or coal stocks. A penny down here, a dime down there. No company that loses over 30% of its share price in such a short time is a legitimate company. The market never lies and expects bankruptcy. Watch, listen, learn.

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