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  • FIDDLINDAVE FIDDLINDAVE Jan 21, 1999 5:23 PM Flag


    If the guy who runs this co. thinks he is creating value by happened today (check news) were the fools.

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    • Competition is the American way. Deregulation is
      also our way and this is driving prices down, down,
      down. As a consumer I love it but as a shareholder of
      Arch -- they have had bad news after bad news.
      Management is very up front with their announcements but I
      wish for GOOD NEWS soon. Don't think our colder winter
      will even help Arch. Is there any hope in the next two
      years? Anyone have any insight?

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      • He has delivered losses. This guy tells us how
        great his strategy is to acquire other coal companies
        such as Arco and all the synergies. Well, where the
        hell are all the synergies LEER.

        Leer you own
        only 1000 shares of stock. That;s the best you can do.
        Maybe you should get a pay cut since all your synergies
        have failed to benefit the shareholders.

        the hell is responsible for this? YOU

        Now what do we do. You have leveraged up this company
        and cashflow is slowing. Great LEER. You should be
        axed. We need someone who can deliver not talk a good