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  • FIDDLINDAVE FIDDLINDAVE Jan 28, 1999 6:42 AM Flag

    LEER ON BOARD ????

    why would anyone want this guy on thier board of
    directors {norfolk southren} ? He ruined aci stock price
    !!! At least i dont own any stock in nor. So. Give
    him time he will tank this one to. Thanks for nothing

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    • Now Steve;

      Don't be upset with the
      comments on this link. You know we love you and all your
      Ashland influences.

      I can remember when you were
      an electrical engineer working as a mining
      superinendent (I believe). Boy, you've really made the

      Good luck in the coming year and give my regards to
      your daddy-in-law's family, or should I touch on the
      topic of how you got your job?

      Oh, that speach
      impediment should clear up any time.

      • 1 Reply to Can_you_see_me_here
      • Dear Dave and Can You See Me:

        As an ACI
        shareholder and employee I share your concerns over our share
        price. However I do not agree with your personal
        comments about our CEO. The Internet is a great forum for
        the exchange of information and ideas. However, with
        that freedom goes a responsibility to use true
        information, not inuendo and untruths. I am also a shareholder
        of NS, and have no plans to sell either NS or ACI.I
        view both of these stocks as long-term investments
        that will appreciate.