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  • kenyon1 kenyon1 Oct 15, 2004 11:50 AM Flag

    Today's news

    It seems the options are 2-fold at this point:

    1) Take on debt or issue new shares (obviously this is not a "need to do right this minute" thing, but the math indicates this would be an eventuality) This pushes the payoff for LJPC investors years into the future.

    2) Start shopping the company to a larger pharm with the pockets to fund the study (which seems to be a 'gimme' as far as future approval) and get some kind of premium for the shares sooner rather than later.

    If the insider ownership was larger I would say that #2 would be even more likely, but I still think it makes the most sense. I think the price action prior to this week indicates that a 3 to 4 bagger is possible if the right buyer were found. downside risk at this level is about as close to nothing as you can get, the people who were afraid of a 2 or 3 year payoff got out and got out hard today already. Riquent is a lock. Either you get a guaranteed payoff in a few years, or you get a pleasant surprise and get bought out before then. Either way, an investment today seems pretty smart.

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    • Option number 3 take your loss which i did and walk away from this company. Too little cash, too long to complete trials, to many road blocks. If the FDA wanted to give this company a break they would have approved subpart H , but they shot them down by not giving them anything. THAT IS RIGHT NADA. They know where the game was at and the FDA let them sink. Now the question is what did the former FDA consultant get his information from/ Maybe a FDA buddy had loose lips? This is one question that the LAWYERS will have fun with. BELIEVE ME!

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