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  • john_j_315 john_j_315 Mar 22, 2013 9:06 AM Flag

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    James - I understand all of that and I don't have an issue with them sharing a roof but I don't like the concept of "certain Lpath employees" (I can guess who they are) moonlighting. I see that as a conflict of interest and if nothing else distracting from their real job that they are getting paid too much to do and are doing very poorly at the moment.

    NYR1647 = like several have told you here - It is called a vote of no confidence. You think the only thing that can derail this investment is poor results from the trials. I think it has been clearly demonstrated here that poor decision making can be equally destructive. This started out as a six month delay and now look where we are with no change in the prospects that we know of. 1 + 1 = Management.

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    • poor decison making? sure, they ran into bad luck with PED, but sometimes stuff happens. i think the management sniping by the people on this board are generally from a bunch of armchair QB's who have never had to make a real business decision. i guess we will see over the next 3 months. management team has laid out a a bunch of 1st half objectives ... lets see how they do on them

      and i don't think it is a vote of no confidence. there is no voting. this stock trades 100k-200k dollar value on a daily basis.

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      • Nyr1647 just to set the record straight I've been involved, at the management level, with two organizations going public (one globally), numerous M&As, three equity purchases and two management buyouts. As a current owner in $25M consulting organization I can say quite emphatically that the current LPath CEO & his decisions are the main culprit for the low valuation. Review the company information for the last 5 years and you might find that there has been nothing of substance offered from the organization.

      • Sounds about right for you from what I have seen of your posting content. I have 12+ years working with senior management of publicly traded companies including about 10 doing M&A work. I have been through a demutualization and and IPO. I also have another two on top of that working for a hedge fund in an investment management role. If you need a copy of my resume let me know. Would hate to have you thinking you are smarter or somehow more informed than the rest of us. And by the way, I don't hide behind fake identities. This address is the one I have been using for more than 10 years and my primary e-mail. How about you?

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      • With the Merck and Pfizer monies on an early stage drug, I am somewhat satisfied with the mgmt. The manufacturing problems were not their making; FDA and the CMO are more to blame for that fiasco. Isonep for AMD will be a slam dunk, but I have to see more data with Asonep for cancer to believe that one. With much uncertainty about the cancer indication, yet mgmt was able to sell it to Pfizer, I give mgmt a two thumbs up for that. LPath got the best deal they could get with the condition that they have to stay mum with the trial results. This depressed SP is temporary. I just take it as more chance to buy cheap. I can wait til 2014 because I believe in the product. New partnerships for Lpathomabs would be nice.

    • I would be willing to bet that it's only one employee.

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