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  • gabewhatley gabewhatley Dec 23, 2002 10:55 AM Flag

    No response Sugar Mommy..

    You talk shit about me not challenging your pathetic post and now you're hiding..Thats a shocker..

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    • <<Anyway, the higher this disaster goes the better. Wheresthefood is more confident now that the price is up than when it was down - go figure.>>

      Wrong again, sugarr. Check out my post below. I sold half of my Avid at $20.99 two weeks ago. As long as it's holding above $22 and flirting with $23, why should I sell the rest?

      And why are you always asking people here to prove you wrong? We don't have to -- you've proved yourself wrong in post after post as Avid continued to climb.

    • I guess if we are patient enough, sugarr_baby will be right:

      A broken watch tells the correct time for two seconds out of the day...

    • Wrong again. I guess you never read any of my messages.

      Did you miss the one in early November when I stated I would not go short for quite some time?

      Prove I'm wrong, by showing where I said the stock would tank "very soon".

      You are lying my goofy friend, or can't read.

      I dare you to prove I'm wrong.

      Anyway, the higher this disaster goes the better. Wheresthefood is more confident now that the price is up than when it was down - go figure.

      I'm sure I mentioned I would not consider shorting until AFTER the stock dipped below $14, or had a 15% pullback.

      This is coming.....this run can't last.

      Avid worth single digits at best.

      The worst 10 year track record in the can look it up.

    • Here's the sugarr summary:

      Sugarr, who posts here under various aliases, came to the Avid board in early November when Avid was trading around 16. He repeatedly posted his view that Avid was way overpriced and that it would return to the single digits very soon. Since then, Avid has topped 23 and is holding up well amid a slumping market.

      Some day sugarr may be proved correct, and we might see Avid in single digits again. But for the last two months, sugarr has been wrong, wrong, wrong. Others have suggested that he should cover his short, take his losses and move onto a stock he understands.

    • Actually
      Every post you list is 100% correct. What is it that puzzles you? You obviously disagree with something.

      I'm right aren't I?

      You just "feel" I'm wrong because of the present stock direction, don't you?
      Scared of me, aren't you Iman?

      You really don't understand what I'm saying do you?

      Go ahead, get specific. What have I said that is wrong?

      I knew you'd punk out.

      Is that the Gloria Vanderbilt school, my scared friend?

      • 2 Replies to sugarr_daddy
      • What you are really trying to say is that you are not wrong YET...pathetic.

        I am getting to you now shuug-dogggy-dog, admit it.

        I know more than you about this company and this stock than YOU. One thing is for SURE:

        the people on this board who know Avids products know that this company was WAY under-valued at 12-14 and they stuck around. They DESERVE this win and will see much more profit if Avids business plan continues to be executed the way it has this past year.

        You on the other hand will be waiting for the sky to fall and NOT making any money.

      • Are you dillusional, sport? I said you had been dead wrong on the stock..It may go to $5 tomorrow, but so far you've been saying sell from $15 at least. The stock is at $23. You asked me how you were wrong. Buying and selling stocks is about making or losing money. So far, if people listened to you, they would have lost plenty of money. That is being wrong, unless someone wants to lose money. You can try and spin it anyway you'd like, but you've dead wrong on this stock and will probably continue to be wrong. Thats all I wanted people to realize and I've done that.Its pathetic you continue to post here but hey, I understand the filth that occupies message boards..

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