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  • sugarr_daddy sugarr_daddy Jan 27, 2003 10:09 AM Flag

    At 19.99.... can make an easy 75% when avid reports robust earnings later this week.

    No brainer.

    All longs should go on margin today at bargain prices.

    Avid's the industry leader, has tremendous tech, and it's management is second to none. Furthermore, everyone is moving to digital and JPM likes the company.

    This is an automatic homerun as earnings will confirm

    even if Avid loses money, it's on the cusp of far greater things.

    Streets really are paved with gold.

    Buy as much as you can.

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    • What a pathetic loser.

      I baited you and you immediately replied like an angry little girl.

      A man wouldn't waste time with such nonsense...not you though.

      Yahoo's boards are so much fun.

      What do you really do for a living anyway? I'm serious, be honest. Forget what I've said about you up to now....who cares, right? Do you really live in a house and not an apartment? Do you live with a parent? Did you go to college?

      I'd like to know the real DTV, not the little cry baby I turned you into.

      Forget the past, I didn't mean it.


    • Hey sugarr, two more days like this and you'll have broken even on your original bet, eh? Go ahead and make fun of the longs, but many were smart enough to unload some shares above 20, so they're basking in profits while you remain a loser. Your problem is that you think long means you hold a stock for an eternity. But there are a few people on this board who understand when to bail out of Avid. They probably will be looking to get back in if the stock tumbles as quickly as it rose. You, on the other hand, will miss opportunities to profit as you wait for Avid to go to zero. The last three months should have taught you a valuable lesson about playing this stock.

      I'm sure you'll eventually recover your losses in Avid, but I already have my profit.

      -- A Happy Long who's on the sidelines for now.

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      • I can tell from reading your posts that you don't know jack about investing.

        If you've been investing for the last 3 years, you've lost most of your money.

        I, on the other hand, have made 7 figures over the last simply understanding macro economic forces and financial fundamentals.

        Even if your aren't lying about your recent trades, your acumen will certainly culminate in ruin........It's Darwin's theory. Crackpots like you are supposed to be fleeced by Sugarr.

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