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  • sugarr_daddy sugarr_daddy Feb 1, 2003 10:15 AM Flag

    Avid's numbers

    I will not analyze Avid's numbers in this venue. We've already discussed them at length in the Avid Group.

    Those who like the "numbers" will eventually buy "like hotcakes" as their confidence grows and the lack of negative posts and analyses decline.

    Those who have the opposite view will slowly accumulate a short position. Why they would do so in the light of a "blow out quarter" is a mystery to some, obvious to others.

    Eventually, one group gets burned.

    It's Darwin's theory.

    I've learned a lot over the last few months. I will never again discuss facts and figures in an open forum. From this day forward my goal will be to capitalize on the low-aptitude of the average retail trader and the duplicity of professional analysts (many of whom also have low aptitude).

    Avid management has provided some the opportunity of a lifetime.

    What do I mean? Long or short?

    I agree that the end of the 1st quarter will end this saga.......

    The Great and Powerful Sugarr has spoken.

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    • <<I've learned a lot over the last few months. I will never again discuss facts and figures in an open forum.>>

      So does that mean you're finally going to take your losses and move on to a stock you understand? Are you trying to tell us that you're one of the shorts who was shocked by the good numbers and is searching for a quiet exit?

      You really should hang in for a while longer. Now's not the time to get panicky. I think there's a fair chance you might see a slight pullback in Avid over the next few weeks. Good luck, kid. And thanks for the laughs.

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      • What I like is:

        "The Great and Powerful Sugarr has spoken."

        Doesn't it sound like the Wizard of Oz. The wizard was really short wasn't he...

        (double entendre there!)

        I keep hearing the strawman singing "if I only had a brain..."

      • It's almost unbelievable how these many chumps are elated over one of the worse financial quarters on record.

        Don't you nuts have eyes?

        Do you all really believe the results are "blow out"?


        Soon you will be given an education by the market.

        When you look back at your charred bodies you will be dumbfounded at how easy understanding the truth really the real smoke & mirror con artist was management, not you.

        You nuts really don't understand financial statements and footnotes!

        Where did you crackpots come from? How long have you been investing?

        No one this stupid can make money...especially over the last 4 years.

        It's like taking candy from babies.......everyone I know says it's moral to do so.....It's Darwin's theory.

        It's Dog Eat dog: God wants you to give your money to's his Grande Design.

        I'm a believer.

        I will never spoon feed your errors to you again.

        I will just sit back and watch you make idiots out of yourselves.

        Yes, managment is cheering the New Sugarr. They are in the clear.....we are now on the same side.

    • God bless the pioneering souls on board the Space Shuttle Challenger this morning. These folks are heros.

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