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  • semper_spqr semper_spqr Feb 1, 2003 7:16 AM Flag

    Avid's numbers

    The shorts are all very quiet, with the exception of Sugarr, who can't seem to keep his mouth shut.

    When the shorts, all of a sudden, get quiet there are only two possible reasons:

    1. They were shocked by good numbers and are searching for an quiet exit.

    2. They are convinced the company is a pump & dump scheme and are quieting adding to their positions before alerting the masses.

    After Avid's press release and conference call, the verdict is in.

    Lord help those who can't think for themselves.

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    • I thought you weren't going to acknowledge me.

    • I really, really get to you, don't I. You can't get me out of your mind.

      I can see the steam coming out of your aren't just pathetic...

      you are a scumbag who makes fun of disabled children......REMEMBER, LOW LIFE?

    • I think we have hit on something here!

      Have you noticed his reaction after the "Wizard of Oz" post. If he banishes you also, I'll bet that sugarr/FICA is a vertically challenged little boy who thinks that he can overcome his disadvantage hidden behind a keyboard. Too bad his parents didn't give him enough emotional support in his formative years.

      He shouldn't worry though, I grew when I hit puberty.

    • Sugar sounds like the character in the movie "The Princess Bride" with the "superior intellect" - he had Andre the Giant as his enforcer/assistant.

      I seem to remember this character being short as well.

      >"Why should I spoon feed to strangers what my superior intellect knows that the idle masses do not? "

    • Then why even waste your time posting on this site. Earn your money without resorting to name-calling and hyperbole.

      And Sugarr, I disagree with the idea that making money has to be at others expense. Based on your response to me, I question whether your game is anything more than fear -- and just enough knowledge to scare some people -- and what while what you are doing may be legal, it is little better than stealing. Obviously you are comfortable with yourself, however. So good luck to you and all the others on this board.

      I am done with this message board. While some are honest, serious investors who want to share information. Too many people are trying to exploit this venue.

    • Well if you don't believe who I am, just type in "gabe whatley" on a search engine and you can find out.

      NO, you've never made the short case..You've just used spin. Ball players are stupid, even ones with a Vanderbilt degree like me..I'm a complete idiot, but I make money.

      And over the last three years, I've profited very little from shorting and I rarely do it. I'd rather find stocks in the single digits and sell them at $20..Thats seems to be a better strategy.

      and I've no idea who DTV is. Gabe whatley is my real name..I have nothing to hide

    • I hope the stock goes up....way up. I mean this. How else am I to profit from the haircut Avid's destined to take.

      It will take this haircut because it earns it, not because I say so. The proof is in the unaudited numbers, cc, and press release provided by management.

      If you see no negatives, buy.

      How can anyone reading my posts claim I'm trying to tank the stock when my posts simply state that my opinion is wholly based on last week's evidence?

      Everyone is euphoric, so how can I point to this euphoria and tank the stock?

      Tell me moron, millionaire, what I've said, specifically, that is wrong, unfactual, or unsubstantiated fact?

      I dare you to try.

      Is pointing to "blow-out" numbers and saying you don't like them the "typical short" method you have personally observed over your wonderful career?

    • Are you saying I've never made the short case?

      Are you for real?

      You are either a liar, or a mgmt shill.

      No one can be that stupid.

      I thought ball players were, on the whole, stupid? The odds say you are and if you never made the big leagues, turning the seed money you state into 870, after taxes...WITHOUT GOING SHORT OVER THE LAST 3 YEARS.... is either dumb luck or a lie.

      You are a short, or a liar my silly friend. At least the odds say so.

      I'm curious, as you sound like DTV.....are you that low-life's alias?

      He also posted his life story, just to make himself feel good I guess.

      Why did you? Afraid we won't know you're a winner?

      What is wrong with you ego and masculinity that compelled you to write up your background in such year by year detail?

      What a joke!

    • "Why should I spoon feed to strangers what my superior intellect knows that the idle masses do not? What's in it for me?"

      thats what shorts typically say when they know any facts to support their claim..

      "Although I'm wealthy compared to most, and still in my 20s, I could use more."

      I'm 31, I've traded stocks for a living since 1998..Before that I played professional baseball for the Cubs and Braves. Never made it to the bigs and retired to trade stock full time in 1999..I started with 20k in 1998..I have 830k now after about 270k in taxes and living expenses, so I've been around the block a time or point is, you're just like 99% of all the shorts. You've lost your ass on AVID so far and now you think you're going to scare people into selling..It hasn't worked so far and its not going to work in the future..So until you have a legitimate "short" case, stay off the board and stop embarrassing yourself.

    • nickboxer13 said, "Even as a short, the best way to scare people is with facts."

      If you are a momentum player or disingenuous stock market manipulator, attempting to foster fear and greed (the two basic emotions that tend to run wild in the financial arena) posting misleading information is one's fundamental tool.

      I have never attempted to mislead and have only posted facts. Today, I'm simply refusing to post facts and have announced that I disagree with every positive post. Simpe as that. I haven't said anything positive or negative that is misleading......i'm just disagreeing with stooges.

      Why would an honest investor, like myself, be interested in fear or greed?

      I have absolutely no interest in helping anyone here learn more about the risk they are taking in going long avid. I do have an interest in seeing Avid's stock price reach unreasonable highs. In this regard, the longs and I have the exact same goal.

      I would never attempt to hurt avid's stock price today......never......educating numskulls is over.

      You can bet money, honey that Avid management is reading this post and celebrating. We are on the same page......we both want to take your money and put it into our pockets....legally.

      Only in America is this possible! The greatest nation on earth.

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