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  • hollerin_hank hollerin_hank Feb 10, 2003 2:56 PM Flag


    Easy way to see how futile resoning with gabe is:

    take a look at hdwr and nwre charts:

    whddya think?

    hankie says tia!

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    • The dates are accurate and up to 2/5/03.

      You still haven't responded to where you may have more valid numbers. What's the matter sugarr, would revealing the information result in everyone seeing you for what you really are? Or is this a grand scheme to show the world that a conspricy exists? The Illuminati has spoken...

      I'm beginning to tire of your bashing without facts. You aren't that good at it yet. Soon you will mature into a clever basher. Keep working at it. Remember what your mom said: "practice makes perfect"

    • Federal filings? You mean Edgar, you nut? Did you check the dates these filing pertain to?

      you are an idiot

      enough said.

    • Numbers were culled from the federal filings right up to today. Show us numbers that are different from the federal filings. We're all ears (eyes).

      I still have this confusion about your definitions of words. Your definition of an idiot is someone who has traded AVID for many years and made real money. Your definition for someone who is smart is a newbie basher who comes along and vows that AVID will fall to single digits. I guess in your mind I am an idiot and am quite successful at it.

    • basically, you're either an honest idiot or a company shill

      your option numbers are laughable....get them from yahoo?

      one can only lead a horse to water

      enough said

    • Not disputing it, just calling attention to the fact that less than 50K shares of NSOs were sold. The remainder were ISOs. NSOs are for management and ISOs are for employees. They can exercise their options as much as they want as long as earnings rise faster than dilution.

      Frankly the employees deserve it. I've seen their employees hustle and they have a great attitude. Kudo's to them.

    • So, DTV, you lying shill........

      Are you disputing Semper's observation that $11 million was paid to Avid BY INSIDERS when they exercised options?

      Deny it punk.

      Only a handful of options were exercised, punk?

    • learn the hard way? My trade is almost over..You're the one with your back against the wall..I don't give a damn if you're 100 years old..You're wrong about AVID as you will soon find out..

    • If it makes you sleep better at night thinking I am someone other than myself (ie: posting under various aliases) then go ahead and believe that. I wouldn't want to disturb your sleep.

      How old are your really? You really have a bad case of low self esteem it seems. Did mom stop breast feeding you too early or did she just screw up your toilet training?

    • like i said, If making 4000% on my money since 1998, and most was made in 2000 and 2001, then I hope I remain a keep up the good work, keep using those aliases and make sure you cover your shorts in case it flies thru $24..

    • Thanks, but no thanks.

      Take a look at the recent short interest though:

      Max Pain for the month of March is now hovering between $17.50 and $20. MM's never like to lose money. I follow the money and the money is flowing out of AVID right now for some reason. I don't care why, I just don't want to be on the wrong side when it happens.

      • 2 Replies to bearsrule_bullsdrool
      • I'm short and here's why.

        The reason money is flowing out of Avid and the reason the smart money is shorting is simple. Avid had one of the worst quarters in the company's history.

        Just pay attention to DTV's posts. He's a company paid shill and mentioned that it would be dumb for managment to exercise options before year end - as it triggers a taxable event. What a laugh! Management exercised as many options as humanly possible, just before year end, right under DTV's nose (is DTV lying?).

        Sugarr might be right, and dtv is just an idiot, but who knows?

        The cash increase for the quarter is 100% option exercises - the whole $11 million! Management states this clearly in the CC, albeit in a quick introductory sentence, designed for all to miss. I wonder why?

        Furthermore, top line sales growth year to year is negative by 4%.

        The 4th Q's eps is the result of applying a 6.7% income tax rate for the quarter, while the 2001 YTD avg rate is over 35%! This fudge factor alone, if corrected, would drop GAAP Eps to just 10 cents per share - look it up.

        Then, the CFO is asked what "operating cash flow" was for the quarter and gets a convenient case of amnesia. He claims he doesn't know as he didn't bring that schedule. Sure. The amnesia is the direct result of operating flow being ZERO or NEGATIVE. That is, the company's earnings are NON CASH mumbo-jumbo.

        Even the corner grocer knows his cash flow, so the CFO is either lying or incompetent.

        We all know the answer. As I write, management their shills (eg. Ingrassia from Roth Capital) are pumping out press releases as they sell as fast as they can.

        1st Q 2003 will have dilution that will kill even the dumbest long.

        How'd I do Sugarr?

        Hope you're fully short.

        This is not all, just the tip of the iceberg.

        This company is a smoke and mirrors, pump & dump scheme. Just check out the numbers.

        There's a reason it has a cumulative net loss since its inception in excess of $250 million! Imagine owning this entire company and be sitting on this kind of career performance.

        Imagine, management cashing in options and making millions selling them in the 20s. Why did everyone say this was a blow out quarter given the above, easy to substantiate, facts?

        Because the institutions and management are fleecing the public (thank you Sugarr).

      • "I follow the money and the money is flowing out of AVID right now for some reason"

        LOL...guess thats why the stock continues to fall and why volume continues to be very low..And you call me a rookie..

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