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  • comresdo comresdo Feb 21, 2003 10:31 AM Flag

    Those into Tech Analysis

    Does this look like a double top reversal?

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    • Yes, gaybe is me......again the Avid sleuths uncover another anti-Avid conspirator.......using another of many aliases.

      You paranoid schizos are gems.

      Remember, ALL anti-Avid posters are ME.

      Ignore all posts that expose Avid's con game.....I mean speak poorly of Avid.

      It's all a conspiracy to "talk" Avid down........lame attempts to cause panic selling........scare tactics aimed at the uniformed masses........

      You numskulls are beautiful. When did you nuts get on the internet? when did you begin investing?

      Do your mothers know what you're doing?

      Do your wives know your losing the kids' college money?

      Get the straitjackets......don't any of you have any self-esteem?

      I really get to you girls, don't I?

    • I thought you might be mature enough to see that these juveniles will continue creating new IDs and posting nonsense as long as you continue to respond to them. You showed great restraint by not responding last night to GAYbe. I suspect that was probably a sugarr post to bait you because he was feeling ignored again. It's interesting that the post got 7 recommendations. Isn't that about the number of aliases he uses? Let's see, there's sugarr, semper, jonathan, fica, sal, shinbone and count. Who knows if any of these new ones that surfaced today are him. And who cares? Just ignore the children and respond only to legimate posts about Avid. You must not have any kids or you'd understand about child psychology. Do yourself (and all of us) a favor. Try the Ignore button! Thanks.

    • Brashbrama:

      Where I see support depends on your time frame. I am short term trend trading this one and I see AVID getting some near term support (2 months or less) around the $18.50 price level. If that support is broken on higher than normal volume, then the next level of support is around $16.

      If you look on a weekly chart of AVID on about a 3+ year basis, you will see that this is the time of year where AVID typically takes a tumble. I am playing on that historical phenomena to repeat itself this time around too. Along with the negative indications I am seeing in my TC2000 technicals, combined with the present high P/E, I too feel that it is a little pricey and due for a catch up.

      I mix my FA with TA but depend on the TA for entry and exit points.

    • bearsrule...
      I'm no expert on t/a, but I'm learning all the time. Where do you see support for AVID?

      I'm more of a fundamentals person. I don't see how this stock can maintain such a high p/e in this poor market. I feel the market will catch up to this one.

    • caught red handed in what lie?

    • Whatever.......

      Must be scary to live in you world Gabe.

    • you've been caught red-handed in a bold-faced lie!

      way to go NUMSKULL!

    • Gabe, if you sold then why did you post this on the HDWR board.

      i have no sold my entire AVID position
      by: gabewhatley (30/M/Atlanta, Ga.) 02/11/03 10:03 am
      Msg: 34421 of 34821

      just for the record..

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    • so you are gyingsouth also..nice work..And of course I'm not right all the time...but when I post a message about a stock, its usually right..

    • Allow me to explain. Everyone who says anything negative about beloved Avid is the same person using multiple aliases. That's right.....they are all me. It's obvious. Avid is a great company and there could never be more than one nut dumb enough to short.

      nah nah nah nah nah......I'm better than you are..........

      Mary_Gabe is the girl to trust.

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