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  • semper_spqr semper_spqr Mar 7, 2003 3:37 PM Flag

    The CFO Must Go!

    How can a CEO live with a financial guru who 4 weeks after the end of a quarter, still doesn't know what Operating Cash Flow is?

    The answer: Both the CEO and CFO had amnesia or both were issuing a smoke & mirrors 4th Q presentation designed to mislead investors into believing results were better than they really were.

    They should both be fired. They won't mind, they just cashed in millions of dollars worth of stock options and are now multi-millionaires. And they did it all without ever beating Sugarr's grandma's Bank CDs!

    The future looks even dimmer.

    How do people con so many into paying so much for nothing?

    PT Barnum was right too, not just Darwin.

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    • you would like to get rid of The Voice of Reason, wouldn't you shill?

      that way you could spin yarn after yarn and sell options galore.

      I'll bet money that if the Avid Group wasn't posting here, the stock would be near $30 today.....instead, the scam has been exposed..........You don't like that do you, shill?

      We're onto you, my confidence man friend.

    • Why don't you just go off and play with yourself at the Avid Group, sugarr.

    • <<The Great and Powerful Sugarr must be sitting back right now and laughing all the way to the bank.>>

      No, sugarr, it's the rest of the board that's laughing ... AT YOU. I just hope there's no limit on the number of users you can ignore, or we'll all really be in trouble. LOL

    • Same text, same words, still hyping the same posts, born today.

      Hmmm, broke through the ignore feature...

    • Right on, FICA. Sugarr has been about the only one on this board to speak the truth and to educate the idle masses.
      Why haven't any of the longs responded to Semper's excellent posts 7900, 7902 and 7904? Because they're either company paid shills, hypsters or too stupid to understand the significance of this material.

      The Great and Powerful Sugarr must be sitting back right now and laughing all the way to the bank, along with the Avid insiders who exercised millions of dollars worth of stock options just moments before the clock struck midnight on December 31st. But management's pump & dump scheme is over....they sold while Roth Capital was gloating about how fantastic 4Q numbers were. The longs are too late....the public has been fleeced again. Watch out below!

      Sugarr is right. Darwin was right.

    • If I know Sugarr, and I do, he's up on Avid and getting richer by the moment.

      Ignoring his posts is foolish since he is one of the only posters here willing to educate the idle masses. You have to admit that his insights are mostly right on the money and mostly hidden from the unseasoned eye.

      So, he defends himself from posters who are clearly childish themselves, yet you don't seem to notice.

      It seems you are biased. It further seems you will know less and less now that you've decided to "ignore" sugarr. I bet you read every post he writes regardless of what you pretend.

      The Avid Group does not allow riff raff as members. Sugarr is a member. You are not.

    • I don't think anyone ever totally discounted everything that sugarr was saying. Some even agreed with him that Avid was flying a little too high. It's the name-calling and childish tactics he used that made him a target of many on this board. I know it was tough for him to lose his money on Avid while so many here were profiting, but that's no excuse for his immature behavior. He earned his title as the Most Ignored User on the Avid board.

    • ..of course I would be a buyer in the single digits....and it looks like I'll have that chance. If you are waiting to get back in, then take advantage of what's coming

    • I'm just waiting to get back in. I still doubt the single digits, but it would be nice. I think dtv asked you this same question recently: Would you be a buyer if those single digits materialized?

    • Iman, we may have already seen the pre-NAB rise and subsequant fall. Question is: How low does it go...

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