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  • drhowardfineandhoward drhowardfineandhoward Aug 19, 2005 8:49 AM Flag

    so, as I was saying...

    At first, I thought wwillwolfe's postings had dropped off due to the school year starting and his need to repeat the 7th grade. And despite the fact he just harps on and on about what a POS Avid is, without giving ANY reasons as to why it might head down further... you've got to admit that over the last month he's been more "right" than the apologists for the company that get on here and spew the company line. (Note to editors and company apologists...Just because you love the technology doesn't mean that management has positioned itself to sustain itself over the long haul.)
    Avid continues to test recent new lows by closing near, at, or under its support levels. All you guys that caimed it was going to head back into the 50's after its big tumble have been kind of quiet.

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    • Yes I remember you too are those $16 puts doing? You boneheads make me laugh. While we were all making money hand over fist for the last 3 years you wizards were screaming that the stock was headed to the toilet. Now, for the first time in 3 years Avid reports a Q that was NOT bad but did not blow away the numbers and your right back to your losing ways. You missed the ride up and BELIEVE me you missed most of the ride down. This is the reverse of irrational exuberance if ever I saw it. Not one of you knuckleheads can tell me why a company with a ROCK SOLID balance sheet will not re-bound from a just-less-than-stellar quarter. Keep loading up on your shorts because you are going to lose them soon and your shirt too.

      (note I did not call anyone an asshole or a cockroach...imagine that)

    • wow he said $7--I thought $13 was reasonable but he really wants it smashed--you see folks there are people out there that think AVID is a bigger POS than I think it is!!!--sucker longs--the close will be a doozy!!

    • I remember "sugardaddy" and I remember you too "imaneditdude"....he was correct, just too early. You on the other hand, stepped in shit and got lucky....and by the way, your profit is down a bit today. I just thought I'd point that out to you, you greedy bastard! See you at $7!

    • The stock is breaking through the final defence line, it will head south to 20s.

    • ahahahaha--so you do use blow girls!!! loser-you're about as adept as a tap dancing hippo--I can semll your breath from here! You won't able to ignore the close of the day sell-off--bagholding sissy!

    • drhowardfineandhoward drhowardfineandhoward Aug 19, 2005 12:18 PM Flag

      Completely agree.. the backlog is in their "direct" sles channel, not resellers. These network, O&O, and group sales are based on a vision of workflow, and when a portion of that slips from an engineering standpoint, the whole delivery can be stopped.

      Broadcasters are not in love with Avid as the post community was.

    • I agree that the stock is stuck here in this range. I disagree that the wolfmiester has been "more right" over the last month though and that is exactly my point. Wolfie came in AFTER the bad q on 7/14/05. The price had dropped to $40.55 on that day. He likes you to THINK he was a genius and had actual data to support his "POS" claims...but he is just a sheep who will always be too late. We open today at $39.72 so at best Wolfie can take credit for predicting a drop of .83 or 2%. Not a real "Wizard of Wall Street" in my book.

      what will happen longer term is all about Q3. If the numbers are back and the PCLE integration is on track, this turns out to be a blip and the stock will move higher. If not, then it will move down. I am only asking the Wolfster to provide some data around why he thinks Q3 will suck. If he can't do that then he is just a loudmouth idiot who missed out on the lucrative fall from $68.

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      • not that I feel compelled to answer to a bowles for brains bum like you-but given that I am feeling charitable this is a pos based on chart action, dumb acquisition, and most importantly b/c I told you it was, ok little man!

      • Well, you "Strong buy" guys seem to get sucked into the Wolfy vortex, and argue with the idiot. He just tries to piss you off, as if groundless ramblings somehow move this market.
        I've tried to give some business resons as to why this stock is headed back down... perhaps into the 20's or worse if they mess up on already lower expecttions for Q3.
        I think they're doing the right thing by guiding lower for Q3, since they failed to warn for Q2. They're hoping to knock the lowered number out of the park, and redeem themselves on Wall St.
        Management thinking at Avid has always been, and will continue to be extremely short sighted... managing quarter to quarter.
        If they mess up Q3's lowered expectations, they'll announce all sorts of layoffs, then 3 months later, quietly add directors and VPs in the corporate office while the field staff is decimated. Talk to some AE's that were laid off after years of service if you don't believe me. Talk to more than your favorite Avid reseller if you're in the business. You might get candid answer from them, but most are very afraid of Avid repercussions if they're perceived as taking anything but a 100% pro-Avid position. (They quietly are diversifying as to not have to rely on Avid for their nut.)
        This stock will ratchet down, testing support as I've said in the past. If there's anyone on this board that's made the call right, it's been me. (And no, I was never fired by Avid, do not have a current position, and have made money both long and short on Avid.)

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