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  • inthemoney69 inthemoney69 Sep 24, 2008 2:20 PM Flag

    Why will anybody buy an Avid if they can get Final Cut Pro/CUDA?

    When Apple begins to accelerate its Final Cut PRo software through the massively parallel NVDA graphics cards.........achieving unprecedented performance......

    how will anyone justify spending 10's of thousands on an Avid ...when they will be able to do comparable editing less time and for lower cost on a Mac PRo with a pair of SLI capable NVDA cards?

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    • I took a position 4 yrs ago and am cutting loses for this very reason. There is no UP any more. The market has changed. They will go the way of Silicon Graphics Inc.

      One massive problem they have is that FCP is the hands down winner among college students. The editors of the future don't care about Avid. Outside of a few big old tv stations, there is no evolving market to drive new users.

      I thought I'd wait and see if Greenfield could find a way to address this problem, but judging from the press release last month (the one about meeting guidelines of the ARRA stimulus fund) he's grasping at straws. My wife works in K-12 education and she laughed when I brought this up.

      This last call was the final straw for me.

    • let alone FCP on 10.6 with SLI and a couple of NVDA Quadro flex 4800?

      the times they are a changin'

    • I think you need to read the link below to see who is buying AVID´s products. It seems to me that many of the heavy hitters are doing so, but of course the Disney / Pixar people are probably not in line to purchase being a quasi-competitor product, since Jobs was involved in that end of their business.

      Seems like AVID´s product is a winner this time around.

      By the way, the few people that I know working in the industry like to have both products on hand and what is several thousand dollars to a studio / industry that pays actors millions?

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