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  • alfrankensnl Apr 19, 2010 10:57 PM Flag


    This will be the best selling version ever, now all the people that were priced out of the Mojo DX and fled to FCP are going to come back in droves with the Matrox compatibility.


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    • People who fled to Final Cut Pro won't be back. I'm one of them. Too little, too late from Avid. All MC 5.0 did was take from ideas that FCP has been doing for some time now. In the long run Avid can't compete with apple on price. Their inflated pricing can't go too low as MC is the core of their income and they have to keep the price as high as possible. FCP is such a tiny part of apple's income it hardly shows up as a blip. Avid's years of arrogance and years of ignoring the competition will be their undoing.

      You said strong buy on Avid... Compare it to Apple's stock performance. Even a rookie investor can see if you want return on your investment AAPL is the way to go. Avid's stock is an underperformer that has been languishing for years. 5.0 won't change that a bit.

      Strong Sell on Avid before it starts heading down again.

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