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  • buata buata Nov 11, 1999 12:18 AM Flag

    AVID Institutions Holding

    Take a look at the following link for the data:

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    • AVID bought bak its own stock in the Thirties and that is not the 1930s

    • anymore, according to SEC filing its now only 53
      million, as it just flows through mgm't hands. Next Q it
      will be even less.

      Its time for you AVID losers
      to start praying and frquently.

      As for Sony,
      heck they or anyone else can sit back and wait til
      AVID burns up all the cash, then they can buy it for
      8-9 bucks, won't take long 2 more Q's of the
      dissapearing cash should do it.

    • rexobXIP, your comments make sense! I wish more
      people on this board would share your civility and good

      It's extremely amazing that all the negative comments,
      spams and flames are from people who claim that they do
      not own Avid shares or they claim they are not
      shorting Avid shares. Why then are they abusing this
      message boards with their flames and spams? I wish they
      would leave this BB forever and never return. Too bad
      Yahoo doesn't have an ignore user ID option.

    • I still don't get the hostility. Getting angry
      and calling people names won't get you even. Move on
      or stay and give real info.

      Krall has done a
      good job at digi. Why would he whitewash the
      restructuring. Miller refused to make tough decisions. Krall
      can't afford to do that and I don't think he will. For
      the first time as an AVID customer, I received a
      letter asking me about my needs. Krall seems to smart to
      not see the handwriting on the wall. Meanwhile, the
      stock is battered and will pprobably stay that way for
      a while, but there is real upside long term. I'm
      not pumping, dumping, shorting or

      Like I asked avidlover, what's your motivation. Did
      you get a margin call and get hammered, are you short
      from the earnings date and looking at a loss when you
      cover. Are you a disgruntled ex-employee.

      people names is a waste of time... and if you think
      "this dog is dead" then it's time for you to leave the

      As I said before, I'd be very interested to hear a
      reasoned rational for why this stock is going down from
      here. You are absolutely free to believe that and bet
      on it... but what is said here doesn't drive the
      stock price, so no spamming or slandering,

      If you've got a case make it.

    • You are as big an idiot as Petarmax

      The axe has fallen and the inept survived

      This dog is dead

    • A reasonable well thought out assessment. No whining, spamming or profanity. If somebody wants to give a negative assessment in the same calm, thoughtful tone, I'd welcome it.

    • After one short day of decent posts, Petar and lower are back with the fool's spam.

    • Back up your this your idea of getting
      this piece of shit stock out of the shitter? Sony has
      far sharper business acumen than the morons in
      Tewksbury! Avid is wishing some one will bail them out
      before their stock hits the low twos.

    • Seems like if that were true, antitrust cases
      would fly. To much money in this business to lock up
      that much future in one company. Sony already should
      be broken up more than Microsoft. Isn't it funny
      how, in a free market country, you can only buy a Sony
      portable CD around the country at multiple stores in
      different cities at the EXACT same price? Humm? The pro
      gear is only sold at one price with a "Sony deal".
      They are the group that the Borg was based on.

      Competition and competitive thought are often a good thing.

    • what is the source of this news.

      impossible to believe, sony have had difficulties getting
      there own non-linear editing system up to speed.
      there's always a bigger fish.

      Good luck avid.

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