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  • Looking4Value Looking4Value Apr 28, 2000 8:15 AM Flag

    As of 8:00 AM, S&P Futures are UP 5.7

    As of 8:00 AM, S&P Futures are UP 5.7 which means
    there could be a pickup in the tech stocks, including
    those listed on the NASDAQ which are not part of the
    S&P 500.

    Usually when the S&P 500 futures
    move UP, the NASDAQ Tech stocks also move UP.... not
    always but usually.

    Lately AVID has been
    following the trend established by the NASDAQ composite
    which is unusual because in the past AVID's trading
    trend seem to have a life of its own.

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    • You are right, Pro tools is not crap, it's a
      perfectly usable and fast interface. If more 'composer
      like' media management is incorporated it would only
      improve it. I've been working with all 3 (PT, AVID, and
      Sonic) for 5 years and find that each has it's pros and
      cons. What irks me is that it's taken them so long to
      incorporate the better parts of Media Composer into Pro
      tools. It will dominate the field, Sonics will not live
      long where I work, to be replaced by Pro tools, but it
      is not necessarily that Pro tools is the best, there
      just isn't much left as far a competition goes. You
      have to admit that 1 undo, no multiple Edls, and a
      lesser waveform are disadvantages. The scrub is superior
      to most though. Thanks for the reply and again I
      apologize for calling it 'crap'

    • Pro Tools does not have the elegant media
      management of the Media Composer, but for functionality it
      dominates the field. Look for Avid to move more 'composer
      like' media management into Pro Tools now that Krall is

      I have been working with and around Pro Tools for
      seven years and no one has previously ever referred to
      it as "crap"... whs is either working for a
      competitor or has extremely poor judgment.

      The AVID
      train will begin to roll soon enough.

    • you must have a lot of $$$$$ invested. I also
      guess you haven't worked on Sonic or Audiovision
      either. Both are far more elegant and intelligent
      systems. Among standards that are inferior you might
      consider our TV system compared to Europes, which is
      superior, VHS over Beta... There are plenty more. I have
      gotten past Pro tools file management but even you must
      admit that it lacks compared to others. Having only 1
      undo is also a pain and not being able to open
      multiple Edls is also ridiculous. Not to mention that
      their waveforms are a joke compared to Sonic. I could
      care less if Pro tools takes over the world, all these
      systems do the same thing. The fact that Pro tools is so
      successful has as much to do with the fact that audiovision
      is no longer upgrading and Sonic is moving more into
      DVD authoring. If Pro tools was sooooo great they
      wouldn't have to give them away to place like Skywalker to
      get them to use them. If Avid is smart, they will
      keep giving them away so that they are everywhere and
      everyone has to learn it and 'love' it as it is.

    • Maxpetar, why are you still here? You said you
      were going to sell at 12 or 13 and get the hell out of
      here after you practically called everyone who worked
      for AVID Mother Fxxxxxs.

      Now you tell us, you
      are long on AVID after you told us a few days ago
      that you sold your entire position which means you
      must have bought AVID today at

      Maxpetar, you are a flip/flopper!

      leave.....we are not interested in you filp/flop comments or
      your profanity!

    • Maybe he's waiting for it to drop again... Right now, he'd make a profit, and that just won't do.

    • "I am in between $12-13 per share and will be out at brake even as soon as possible"

    • Knowing more than the rest of the planet... it
      must take all your energy (being as brilliant as you
      are) just to get through a day. How do you keep your
      intelligent head from exploding.

      ProTools wouldn't be
      EVERYWHERE if it were crap. Products don't become standards
      if they're crap... try and name one (I'll await your
      reply). Don't waste your valuable editing time.... You
      can't name one! In a democracy... the best will ALWAYS
      win out. Crap cannot become the standard by which
      others are measured.

      If you can't get past
      ProTools' file management system... maybe you're not as
      bright as you think?

    • Long on Avid....I guess that is the smart way to one can make money shorting this baby.
      the problem with this baby is that to make the real
      bucks we need GROWTH....
      And in order to get it we
      One good
      sign is that Q1 turn out positive while the
      expectations where negative....
      They are doing the same
      trick with the revenue for the full year....First they
      said that revenue is going to be flat...that means
      $435 mil. But than they said that they expect growth
      in Q2,Q3 and Q4. If Q1 was $108 million and you have
      growth in the other three the revenue is going to be
      higher than $435 million.
      Same trick is going to
      work out with the profits for the full yaer....they
      said low single digits as % of Revenue this will put
      us at 18,7 to 36 centes a share in 2000.
      automaticly means that the 2001 projection right now is
      low...which menas they are going to raise that...which means
      upgrades...which means $30+ a pop before years end.
      Just think
      about it.
      Will be glad to hear some


    • I edit sound for a living also and although
      Pro-Tools is everywhere it is still crap. Avid media
      composer and Sonic Solutions are far better platforms and
      will probably disappear because of pro tools and all
      of it's colors and bells and whistles. Someone is
      going to come along soon and show pro tools for what it
      really is, a clumsy, stupid editing system. Have you
      ever looked at their file management system? It's

    • Avid finally has a CEO that actually understands
      the technology... where it's going... and more
      importantly... where it's NOT going.

      He's invested in
      Rocket Media which, by the time he's finished... will
      turn out to be a Web enabler for both Digi as well as
      Avid's core product line. I'm totally LONG LONG LONG on

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