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  • electroflyer electroflyer May 5, 2000 9:01 AM Flag

    Moron For Life

    Hey Bud,

    Just heard that FOX is looking
    for Final Cut Pro Editor's.
    As I have stated
    before AVID will not be imune to the ever increasing
    power of what
    can be purchased over the
    I'm willing to bet dollars for donuts that it
    not the Editor's choice at Fox to select FCP
    the cost accountants. Where do you think all this new
    productivity is coming from,
    Cheaper tools. Go to the
    dentist latly, they have a new digital imaging system for
    XRAYS one tenth the radiation, instant images, one zip
    disk holds thousands of teeth, Want to sell dental
    XRAY film ???

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    • Hey Bud,
      Avid had a major PR problem when
      announced at NAB 99 that they were going to drop the MAC

      Developed for Wintel because
      Microsoft bailed them

      Ever try upgrading from NT4.0 to Windows 2000 Have

      Wasn't crying about my kids just trying to
      show you
      that things will change as this age group gets older
      and just won't give a shit if their editing programs
      come from Avid. Do you still get a hard on thinking
      about Word Perfect or think of all word processors as

      Not for long (so was CMX and Ampex ADO
      GVG K-Scope
      and even Quantel Paintbox--
      Photoshop put a major
      hurt on paintbox,Affter Effects put a major hurt on
      all 2D compositing

      There are more
      Avid Hack Editor's than in every other segment of the
      post industry combined !!!!! Good editor's will cofirm
      Hey want a freebie to Avid Boot Camp

      Or would
      you like to buy a TAXICAB

    • All you have doing on this board is to promote
      Apple's FC which needs to run on a Power PC machine. The
      rest of the PCs in the world, roughly 95% of them, run
      on WinTel machines.

      Fact: Professional
      editors prefer to use AVID products whether they run on
      Power PC machines or WinTel machines if they want
      professional results.

      Fact: Since there are 95% more
      WinTel machines in the world than Power PC machines, it
      was a natural choice for AVID to develop and release
      professional products to run on WinTel machines bsides running
      on Power PC machines.

      Fact: You have been
      crying about your children not being able to edit their
      videos from their camcorders. Some one has already
      provided you information in a previous note where support
      for Power PC machines and WinTel machines has been
      available for some time from AVID and AVID partners like
      Matrox (and for only a few hundred dollars). AVID has
      decided to no longer release future updates due to low
      profitability even though the product has a large user base and
      has won many technical awards.

      Fact: AVID is
      still the standard by which all competitor's products
      are judged.

      Fact: The Broadcasting,
      Entertainment, Industrial, Educational and Marketing
      organizations who want a professional productions still demand
      AVID products.

      Fact: AVID editors are still
      considered the cream of the crop and will outperform any
      other job applicant.

      Electroflyer, just who are
      you and what is your gig? It is quite obvious you are
      short on AVID but you don't speak the truth because you
      can't handle the truth. You showed your ignorance when
      you didn't even know that Apple was marketing AVID
      Cinema a few years ago to take care of your children's
      video editing needs.

    • There is no way Fox is cutting on FCP. NO WAY,
      unless they're total idiots. It's all Avid in the
      industry, hands down, end of story. unless of course Fox is
      planning on switching broadcast format to VHS instead of
      D1, lol!

      More to the point, any idea why the
      runup and subsequent drop last month? I know the drop
      was market crash related, but the stock should've
      recovered by now. They finally have written off all their
      expenses and look to be turning the corner. Any other
      longs out there? What do you see as far as short
      term/long term price?
      I'm hoping to be back in low 20's
      by Fall, but am not so sure,...


    • Is this the same Fox that trailblazed with that winning (sarcasm) tape standard, Digital S (that is, digital VHS) as a broadcast standard?


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