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  • electroflyer electroflyer May 17, 2000 12:55 AM Flag

    Told You So

    Hey Boys And Girls I TOLD YOU SO
    Avid is mired
    down in bunk and there stock
    price reflects
    Alternatives to Avid are starting to have an effect.
    seems that alot of Avid editor's are purchasing FCP
    systems to take their work home with them, consequently
    reducing the need to be in Avid rooms.
    One of the
    reasons Avid and others gained
    acceptance so fast was
    that they were afordable to many people who had
    100,000. to build a room but not 500,000.
    That same
    scenario will now be played out
    Avid vs. 500mhz Macs
    and 1ghz Pentium 3's.


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    • BLAH BLAH BLAH ....... peanut

    • the amortization of Zoftihmahzh won't be complete
      until June '01, if memory serves, from the last 10-k.
      Some have stated here it will be this year, but that
      is incorrect.

      Hopefully most investors are
      saavy enough to look through the accounting charge.
      Although it remains a grim reminder of the stupidity of
      previous management.

    • I do believe that the second quarter results will
      lead Avid's stock price higher - I also believe that
      it should already be priced much higher for several
      reasons. Avid's losses are attruibuted to acquisition. As
      they approach the time period where they will no
      longer account for these transaction costs, they will
      report greater profits. Their new management team is
      primarily comprised of people that were responsible for one
      of their most profitable business units: DigiDesign.
      Furthermore, their Edgestreme technology should offer a new
      area of growth in revenue. What they really need to do
      is start touting this technology. I read where an
      analyst following Avid and Media100, called M100's
      streaming media capability the "Clydesdale of Media
      Streaming". Remember, a Clydesdale is a show horse, and
      Edgestreme could make Avid a thoroughbred!

    • must include a lot of freebies. It makes no sense
      that the stock would be lanquishing in this way if a
      this were such a major product release.

      but still wondering why I didn't take some profits at
      25 last month.

    • <EOM>

    • as I've contended in the few posts I've made, this board has been taken over by small minded people with personal agendas. No real info left to be found......

    • ... it certainly implies shipment of 17,000 units
      priced between 8 and 12 thousand each -- that translates
      into revs of between 135 and 200 million, either
      figure alone would exceed expected quarterly revenues.
      If our interpretation is correct -- and I have my
      doubts -- AVID stock should double tomorrow.

    • Acording to company report issued today the new
      softimage XSI has just shipped. Expecting to issue 17,000
      within the next few weeks at a min. of approx. $8,000
      ea, figure the sales numbers yourself, should make a
      differance, that is if I understood it correctly.

    • I have watched Avid, as well as Pinnecal,
      Truevision and Media 100 for years. And I have owned all of
      them at one time or another. I am not a technical
      person in this area but I do read and understand the
      where we have been and where we are headed in the

      I feel that Avid had some lousy management the past
      2 years and they are paying the price now, but they
      still are the gorilla so to speak of the media
      business, so with a little patience I think it will be

      Now I have a question. Do you think that with the
      turn around profit this quarter there will be a jump
      in Avid price? I watch Tradetek charts which with an
      analog formula changes thru the day as to what they
      project the 5 day out price of a stock. It's funny Avid
      has been staying with a projected 5 day price of
      between $13-$14 for 2 weeks now, while other stocks that
      I watch which have much better fundmentals jump
      from a minus projection to a positive over night. I
      believe they use institutional buying, money flow, volumn
      etc. to make this projection. Just wondered if you
      think there could be something to this as we are
      heading into the last month of this quarter.

    • is the reason for these type of postings. I asked
      Mr. Electroflyer what he thought of Edgestreme and
      the response was "I don't know or care", yet he can
      make these claims without any basis for doing so.
      Where are the facts? Thanks for your support "Diamond".
      Your patience in Avid will soon be rewarded!

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