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  • electroflyer electroflyer May 18, 2000 10:00 AM Flag

    Told You So

    Are you some kind of IDIOT
    You claim that Avid
    stock price is off because it lack's coverage from the
    Well DUH, that's Avid's Fault, They smell
    a Dead
    Turkey. Something is only worth
    what somebody is
    willing to pay for it !!!!
    In the streaming/server
    market Avid is
    The street has taken
    notice and has driven this companies stock price to
    where it NOW
    Avid's only good product is
    Media Composer and that is VERY VERY vulnerable to
    And by the way Avid is JPEG the rest of the world is

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    • I feel the need to expose you for the neophyte
      (hope you own a dictionary) that you are. You feel that
      Avid will get it's clocked cleaned in the
      server/streaming market? Obviously you haven't seen their
      Edgestreme product. As far as the street "taking notice and
      driving the companies stock price down" - they don't have
      enough coverage from the street to impact it either way.
      That was what I meant by lack of coverage. The street
      never knocked the price down, the few market makers
      that cover this, stepped out of the way when the price
      was declining (like they've done with so many hi-tech
      and issues). Please do everyone a favor and
      liquidate the 100 shares you purchased (probably on margin)
      through your E-trade account.

    • Tell them the way it is. How can Avid longs say
      the street is not noticing while Media digitizing and
      streaming is the only really exciting thing happening on
      the web right now. The street IS noticing, they just
      noticed Avid has missed the train and will NEVER catch
      up. There is still time. Take your losses and put
      your money in the real winner of the streaming battle:
      MDEA. I know it hurts but it's better to be wrong than
      to be poor.

    • Do you even know what Avid does or do you just
      stare at numbers all day? You're like the baseball stat
      freak convinced a pitcher isn't good because if you
      divide his .WHIP by his .OPS you get under 1.5.

      Life is played in the real world. And in the real
      world the only editing system is Avid.

      Why is
      Avid stock down? Because of a tech sector crash you
      might have noticed last month. When Avid shows
      profitability and Soft is off the books (Finally), it's bound
      to go up, and go up big.

      Remember the old
      addage, buy low, sell high? Well, you might want to buy
      right now.


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