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  • civoken civoken May 30, 2000 9:58 PM Flag

    What about tomorrow?

    Since this press release concerning the new issue
    of Symphony was not release until 5:00 PM this
    evening after the market close, what effect do you thing
    that this will have on the price of Avid

    If I am reading correctly, they say that first
    shipment was just made and that l7,000 units will be
    shipped within the next 4 weeks. At $7,995 my math says
    that this is l36 millio. That is more revenue than
    Avid had for last quarter. Please correct me if I am
    not correct. To me this sounds very positive.

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    • Ask your "friends" how happy they are with
      Discreet.....then ask them how their experience was with the
      Discreet Reseller.

      I will bet that they aren't
      overwhelmed with joy after buying Discreet as it is nothing
      but a P.O.S. D-Vision if they bought *Edit, or an
      overpriced SGI nightmare if it was anything else......and
      odds are they had trouble with their Discreet
      Dealer///as I know they don't have any type of an astounding
      reseller channel.

      So save your comments
      icellu2....and electroflyer....don't bother adding your 2
      cents//could care less.

    • You Stupid Ass
      Here are the facts:
      1. I've
      been closer to price of Avid than anyone else on this
      2. I'm the only one sending Ideas to Avid managment.
      ie, Lose their Bullshit dealer network.
      3.Come out
      with a Mass Consumer Product
      4.Concentrate on their
      core Media Composer
      5.Treat their
      customers with more respect and respect thieir

      And last but not least KISS MY ASS you SHITBRAIN

    • I'm sorry that I misspelled a word...JESUS, but
      you missed the point, as I thought you would. I'm an
      Avid user with only a few shares, not the BIG investor
      that you claim to be. Now, go back to sweeping the
      trading room floor.

    • I would never confuse the definition of "Major
      Player" with someone who dignifies your comments with a
      response. Just wondering (all joking aside) , when you say
      discrete, do you mean the company Discreet Logic? I would
      suggest that you start using spell and grammar check
      (unless you are really PMax in disguise). I'll try to
      limit my sentences to 2 syllable words. Sorry for the
      con-fusion, but I am encouraged by the fact that you spelled
      pinhead correctly!

    • How else could they convince you to buy an off
      the shelf drive that had been supposedly "avidized"
      for better performance (higher price). BS, this was
      the DEC model for VAX sales, look what happened to
      them. Last time I looked there were lots of ex-digits
      floating around avid posing as management. Boy, they're
      gonna be sorry when Petarmax gets in there.

    • Evaluate the reasons anyone visits this board,
      its mainly for entertainment reasons, the only common
      connection is we all happen to own or follow Avid stock.
      There is a mix of some real and seemingly real
      information here, as well as some comical characters. When
      I've been away for a while I always look for the Petar
      Posts first, as they and their replys are the most
      entertaining. You can't truly be serious in making your buying
      decisions based on what you see here? Or maybe you do and
      thats why your stuck with this pig as I am.

    • If true looks like I should've bought more today, oh well let it ride you can't own it all.

      • 1 Reply to lgpeters_2000
      • There is NO WAY, I REPEAT NO WAY
        Avid will
        SELL and ship 17,000 copies of
        Softimage in the
        next 4 weeks.
        You Guys must be smoking some good
        to even think there is a chance that this
        happen !!!!!
        some brave soul tell me why the
        market left it
        behind today?
        Try this:
        Avid is really a one
        product company
        ie:Media Composer and they face ever
        increasing price competition from the low end
        and just
        maybe they give away too many points to their Dealers
        who really are just freight forwarders.
        I speak
        for myself and don't give a RAT'S ASS What any of you
        Midget Minded Avid Cultists think!!!

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