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  • maxpetar maxpetar Jun 13, 2000 3:30 PM Flag


    the major problems that avid faces now.
    the "smart" cock sucker krall can find solutions to
    those two we might get some where otherwise it is going
    no where!!!!!!!!!

    can someone who cares
    support me here or all of you out there are



    position: very
    long and very fucked!!!!!! For now !!!!!

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    • You need to grow up,--don't tell me you kiss your
      mother with that foul mouth!

      Did you do any
      research? The stock is making new lows here--It can't even
      mount a rally on days like today--doesn't that tell you

      How new are you to the market? Don't you understand
      how things work? Do you need some books to read and
      LEARN about how things work? I've been in the business
      25 years. You're obviously still green and a little
      wet behind the ears Max. It's just like physics--an
      object in motion tends to stay in motion, unless other
      wise acted upon--in this case, the motion is

      This will be a $5 stock and become unmarginable; at
      that point there will be more selling. The company
      will probably *not* make their quarter either. Think
      about it, why do you think it's selling off? There's
      absolutely NO positive spin management, Maxpetar, or anyone
      else can put on the stock.

      Book value is under
      $5 anyway.

      Enjoy the ride D-O-W-N.

    • the saying: If you liked this stock at $30, you should LOVE it at $9 - be a man and double-down! Stop your complaining!

      • 1 Reply to younglazarus
      • same old faces same old bullshit
        i spoke the
        i spoke the truth
        single digits in june

        don't beleive me check my prior posts
        a stock broker
        friend of mine gave me some new insight said avid was a
        pos. I said whats a pos he said
        piece of shit!!!
        Ha ha ha

        once again avid must!!!
        kill off
        their blood sucking dealer network or should i say
        their freight forwarders who they let siphon off 20%
        ie: all the profit

        develop a consumer

        reduce cost of upgrades to sell throuh product to their
        existing base

        oh and buy the way i thought they
        were going to ship 17,000 softimages

        don't they
        know they can't bullshit us anymore!!!!!

        what a
        fucked up company with a great basic

        here's an idea for their fucked up management-- split
        the company in two software & hardware
        then let
        the hardware company die off
        and just sell
        software!!!! Might help can't hurt

        bye bye

    • I feel your pain Max although I won't support
      your use of the word cock sucker when referring to
      Krall. Nonetheless, I am a former Avid employee who had
      many options that expired because I could not sell
      them to make any profit. What a joke. I wish I could
      offer you a glimmer of hope but the truth is I left
      Avid after the last big layoff because what I saw was
      the same 'ol same'ol lip service. IMO the layoff was
      done to appease stockholders, not necessarily trim fat
      off the company. It temporarily made Avid look like
      they were doing something great, but in reality it was
      a token attempt to make them look like they were
      serious. Sure they trimmed some fat, but after this
      happened a lot of smart and talented people who were kept
      on, threw up their hands and had had enough. The
      bottom line is Avid needs to find a way to expand their
      markets smartly and commit themselves to these products
      and markets, otherwise they will continue to be the
      leader in NLE, but will only sell enough to stay at
      their current revenue, because the post market is
      saturated. I recommend that you short ASAP and invest
      elsewhere. This stock and company is a dog.

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