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    JUDGE ANN MONTGOMERY SHOULD BE JAILED NOW! 27-Jun-07 07:50 am Bll Clinton appointee Federal Judge Ann D. Montgomery of Minnesota has pushed corruption and criminal activity in her office to a new slimy low.

    Her "legal" decisions are based on which Democratic
    law firms contributed the most to her favorite Democratic candidates.Republicans and non contributors need not apply.

    She also extorts innocent victims of hers to beg or borrow hundreds of thousands of dollars in attorney's fees to be paid to her corrupt attorneys even though her clients are guilty as sin.If you don't pay , she holds you in contempt of court for years in prison and in shackles if neccessary until you pay the blood money,with your life destroyed.

    "Judge"Montgomery got her start in one of the most corrupt administrations in Minnesota history.Her brother-in-law Terry Montgomery stole the State of Minnesota blind from several positions he held in corrupt Gov. Rudy Perpich administrations.Terry also sexually abused a number of young women at the State of Minnesota which cost the state a fortune and ruined God only knows how many lives.Only his corrupt political friends kept him out of jail.

    Ann Montgomery's husband was in "business" with Terry Montgomery and died under mysterious circumstances.

    Any wrong doings of her brother-in-law and her husband have been topped hundreds of times over by her.For example she will send out U.S. Marshals in a blatant violation to terrorize uncooperative victims of her court.The Marshals are just doing what she orders them to do, so it isn't their fault.Montgomery shares in the extortion money she steals as she refuses to give ''screwees''a breakdown of where blood money went.(Add Tax Evasion to her many crimes).

    Ann Montgomery is the epitome of corruption and the sooner she is jailed the better.

    The Government is on her like a pack of dogs.

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