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  • clubdavis clubdavis Mar 4, 2008 7:39 PM Flag

    TeamOnFuego...This ones for you

    Hey my bud, why don't you take a look at my GAVATAR and see if you want to take him for a ride. Your looking pretty gayed up yourself and my gayvatar likes your salami.

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    • just cashed out of my puts for a solid 20% gain in 1 day. i'm out for now. the next pop i see i'll buy more puts.

    • haha. that sure is one gay avatar.

      let's talk about stocks...anyone notice the ags broke today? why are people buying this POS ag play that just reported negative revenue growth and is trading at 40 times forward earnings?

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      • Sorry, I can only talk about gay avatars. I don't claim to know much about stocks. The way I do it most people would call gambling, but I hit year over year gains of about 200-300% for the last five years.

        I was in at $6.07 and sold in pre market this morning. I re bought in at $6.60 earlier today hoping to get out around $6.70-$6.80.

        Although, I bought this because
        (1) Every analyst in there brother is pumping AG (including cramer) because of the good pricing the other day.
        (2) There are no shares to short...I know this because I was trying to short this and there weren't any.
        (3) There is alot of institutional ownership.
        (4) It just took a huge hit off of earnings last week and I have seen this stock make huge intra day jumps (made money off of it last year around this time). This one could take off anytime or fade out, except I know that there ar eno shares to short so it is more likely to me to go up.
        (5) This is a gambling stock so even with the huge number of sell orders put in, people are trying to get a big hit so they will hold out on their asks. This will make the price rise with low volume.
        (6) Charts look very bullish to me
        (7) It has been in my experience that a stock after negative news will decline for three days, then rise rapidly within the next 4 to five trading days. This is the time for SEED since three days have gone buy.
        (8) Seed is the only good CHINA AG play
        (9) SEED is a good potential for buyout so while in for a quick trade I stand a chance of a huge gain.
        (10) This news of their manipulated genetic seed is pretty interesting and shows they are a real company making progressive steps towards growth.


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