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  • koolsdguy koolsdguy Mar 22, 2012 10:56 AM Flag

    What's going on? Is this a SCAM stock?

    Popped to mid $4s yesterday, and now down to 2.80s in 24 hours??

    Is this a SCAM stock?? Why do they allow chinese scams to trade in the US, if this is indeed one?

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    • eom ----

    • Not sure exactly what the price drift is all about.

      Current price of $2.80 is roughly a 37% drop from yesterdays highs ($4.49 -Wed) to current price. $2.80 is also a 18% increase from three days ago avg price ($2.38 -Mon).

      So I'm looking at price action that has declined 37% after running near 100% within two days (4.49 / 2,38) and now stands at only 18% off its lows three days ago....

      One would think with that kind of price volatility the risk reward lies with being long. Volume must improve though.

    • Yeah, now I'm confused too--if this was a $4.45 stock yesterday, what has changed in the last 24 hours? Can I assume it will pop back there eventually (meaning good time to load up?).

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      • so many chinese companies in the past turned out to have no offices, no factories, and no employees, and were only run by some unemployed software engineers in a Chinese slum or basement office.

        I just want to know if SEED is such a company?? then the pump and dump from yesterday would make perfect sense. they usually pump such stocks before collapsing it for weeks and months until BK or delisting. but million $ question is: is SEED such a co. or is it legit? if legit, who coordinated the pop and poop that we saw here??

    • does anyone have real info? not just fake info to pump stock?

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      • Looks like a decent company back a couple years ago when I did some analysis. Financially they are reporting a good cash base of 25 Million and no debt. They are breaking even with positive cash flow the majority of their existence. Technology, hybrid corn, rice, cotton and I think Canola looks like they have some innovation here but MON has similar products. The key is the China market which they have what appears to be an "in" while US companies its a real struggle.
        Do your own DD but to me worth a few beans, I am long 1000 shares from about $4.25 for awhile. Did not sell at $8 and not at $2. If it gets back to $20 this is my long target.

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