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  • run265miles run265miles Oct 12, 2011 8:03 PM Flag

    false report

    i work for usa ceo sent a mesg. to all employes we are not even thinking of selling our board of directors is formulating a plan to address this issue.

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    • I work for USA also. The message said "Please know that we are not looking to sell and our board of directors is formulating a plan to address this issue. we will have more details to come" Sounds like a statement trying to relieve fear without committing to anything. Keep in mind not looking and not selling are two totally different things. I can be not looking to sell my car and have someone come up to me on the street and offer to buy my car. just because I was not looking to sell doesnt mean that if they make a great offer I wont sell.

      A couple other things that I personally noticed in this is the reference to the board formulating a plan. if you are not looking to sell and wont sell the only reason to formulate a plan is to fight a hostile takeover or you DO plan on doing something with them. after all how much planing is there to saying no we are not interested.

      The other thing was that they said more details to come. If you are not selling and not doing anything with them and not even thinking about it. Why is more details needed later. After all if you are trying to say NO we will not sell. What other details need to be said.

      So in my opinion. They may not have been looking. Now that someone is offering they are going to listen. First they are stupid not to at least listen to the offer. You never know what they well offer. it may be to good to say no to. Second. it doesnt take a lot of looking at the company to see that it is prime material to be purchased by someone. show a lose over multiple quarters with no end in sight, stock price was falling like a rock tell this. If they say no to this the stock will drop back down to $5 fast. as long as there share price is that low they are going to have a lot of companys looking at them. so I think it is just a matter of time.

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