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  • firecliff2012 firecliff2012 Oct 30, 2012 1:12 PM Flag

    Past Time For Change Starting At The Top

    What kind of Board allows a President/CEO to remain in a position for so long with no improvement? Cliff Beckham has been President since 2007 and with him at the helm the Company has made money only 1 quarter and that was only because they sold off fuel that they had pre-bought. Cliff has ran off and/or terminated more great employees and even better people than any Company I know of! Cliff always preached about USA being a "Performance" based Company and that employees would be promoted and/or paid based on their performance. Well Cliff has obviously not Performed!! However, last year I do believe it was he gave himself a nice pay raise but how in the world did his Performance justify that? Your Company is losing Millions every year and you give yourself a pay raise! That is all him and his Executive team (the ones he hasn't fired) care about is padding their pockets! Your "Spiderman" team is a reflection of you and your spineless Management style! Maybe you all need to get some new books in the Company library because I have news for you there is not going to be one written about your success as the "USA Way" is not a success like the "Toyota Way"! One of the other messages on here nailed it talking about having a bunch of "YES" people as that is exactly what Cliff wants and yet it is ruining the Company because anyone that doesn't do it that way is terminated or ran off regardless of the success they had previously at USA or with another Company in the Industry! I guess once they get to a certain point they forget how to Manage? Ever think about dropping the Ego? The press releases are becoming comical at this point with the same ole song and dance every time. Hey Cliff if it is the Economy causing it why are other Company's showing a profit while you continue to bury yours? Your way of making improvements is by making yet another Personnel change and making a quality person become another one of the hundreds of Scapegoats for the Company. I feel sorry for the many good people that still work for USA as they are on a sinking ship. I know I never realized just how bad it was at USA until I begin working for the Trucking Company I am at now! For you all stuck on the sinking USA ship don't be scared to try something new as I was one of those that thought the way it was at USA was the way it was at all big Companies but I can assure you it is not that way it is just the way of one Mr. Beckham and from the results he is getting at the helm it is not the "right" way!

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