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  • nomustrd nomustrd Apr 27, 2011 10:00 AM Flag

    XPEDX Norfolk SUX!

    Just had to get that off my chest...Cheats and Liars

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    • Paper is done. We all know it. It's only a matter of time.

    • If xpedx has any good reps left, they need to find a job while there is still time. More downsizing and sales reduction plans are in process. The standard IP death spiral will continue until there is no choice but to try to sell what is left.

    • paperman777... I really like how you cowardly hide behind the name baincapital. Consultant my rear! You are a outside paper rep that competes against more qualified xpedx sales reps who continuously gets his rear-end handed to him. Did you try applying at xpedx and get turned down? Or possibly you did work for them and was canned due to low margin performance? Keep stirring the pot I got more if you want it.

    • as an outside paper consultant, I have made the following observations in the fine paper wholesale and redistribution business.

      IP Xpedx and Saalfeld could develope more market share and profit with the following business model: 100% customer focused website using 24/7 ordering instead of a large field saleforce and multiple sales managers. Currently 80-90% of redistribution orders are placed by paper competition using 24/7 website ordering with the help of an inside customer service representive. a smaller saleforce covering a larger geographic area. Most customers enjoy a close relationship with an experienced inside customer service representive. also, manufacture representives and brokers do the field sales work of the field salesman and sales managers. They have more knowledge and expertise without the field sales force and sales manager expense.
      another option, regional centralized purchasing and credit departments. another option,Credit departments and HR functions and warehousing can be nationally outsourced for more additional profit. These are options that could be considered to increase market share and profitability.
      This successful model is used by redistributiors like Legasse and Bunzel. It is often used by fine paper and packaging wholesalers, however, on a limited basis because of their need of a B2B technical expertise field selling. a fair analysis and opinion. a sucsessful 21st century model.

    • sounds like TINs running IP and notnthe other way around.

    • Bottom line ! IP sales and profits at Xpedx are in decline. Commercial printers are going out of business due to digital technology ,a 30day IP credit policy and competitive pricing pressure. Copy paper sales are slow and inventory is sitting in warehouses. the 21th century paperless office is killing IP/xpedx. however, Xpedx packaging sales should be good but the novice xpedx salesforce does not have the extensive knowledge to compete against the seasoned packaging veteran who by the way is a X-Xpedx salesperson. IP/xpedx and saalfeld are trying to find their way in this difficult and changing industry.
      my opinion !

    • You are so right. Qutting might well be the best way to go. However working for xpedx can be great if you are willing to adapt to the company culture and kiss butt as needed. You cannot be concientious and/or
      competent and succeed within this company. If you are willing to compromise your principals, you can do wel.

    • You should quit. You would be happier.

    • Hey Guys! Wonder how the Queen is doing? Remember when you cannot sell, give it away. And, that 10 to 3 work schedule will catch up with you as well. Sure is quiet on Progress Road. It is painful to see (IP) Xpedex trash all of those fine companies they purchased over the years. Verizon is hiring.

    • You will be missed.

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