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  • wan2retire wan2retire Dec 9, 2003 10:20 PM Flag

    here we go... to $15

    Tax refund is all spent and refi boom is fading and chilly wheather storm is on the horizon. With disappointing sales up ahead, this pig will see the day of reckoning.

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    • I wouldn't short PSUN if I were you. When Gadzooks finally falls, PSUN will come out ahead of everyone. Also, I wear a lot of sweaters from PSUN, so a nice few months of cold weather will do the store well. If you have not noticed, PSUN moved away from the all skater/surfer look a while back. Some of their sweaters are actually very nice. They are even more nice when you can get them for around $7.00 to $10.00 each on the sale rack. I have a lot of people comment on some of their sweaters thinking I got them from Kohls, Sears, etc. They seem shocked when I tell them they are from PSUN. If you want to short a retail stock...I would look at the Buckle. They have high prices just like Gadzooks did. The only thing the Buckle has going for it, is that it has more of a non-surfer/skater look than Gadzooks. More Tommy and Ralph, less Billabong and Quicksilver.

    • IDIOT

    • Once again, I am amazed at your post.
      You are actually every reason why I am short PSUN and short the market for that matter.
      When the market is full of people whose only investing strategy is to curse at people on
      the opposite side, that's when you have to go short with full force.
      So you have 6300 shares of PSUN. Good for you.
      Quite frankly, I don't give a damn whether you have 6300 or 63000 shares or you took a
      beating for 7 days. I don't even care if you drop dead tomorrow. Why should I shut my mouth ?
      There are people getting screwed every day. Whether you believe or not I am short PSUN with 4300 shares at $23.10. Relax dude, I will be on your side when his thing goes to mid-teen. Hahaha�.
      Since you thought I posted my message at 3 AM as indicated by Yahoo, you must be a newbie to the market. You don't even know the time posted there is EST meaning it's 12 AM west coast.
      Dude, let me give you a little advice. You need to have an ice cold heart to play in this market. You take money and run. Never look back. Money you earned is somebody�s money lost. You seemed to have very short fuse as you have shown me over and over. That�s like a suicide in this market. My advice to you is stay off this market before your 6300 shares come out to be $500.
      And your comment about taking this as far as I want since we both live in Orange County just made my top 5 on my �funniest post on stock message board.�
      This will be my last post on this board as I don�t see anything meaningful here other than people like you.

    • You gotta give this board & yourself more than that.

      PSUN Nov SSS up 11.7%
      total Nov sales up 22.4%
      total sales for the year up 22.9%

      PSUN has P/E of 23.8
      while HOTT has P/E of 33.4 &
      URBN has P/E of 37.5

      PSUN is undervalued in the sector.

      Weather is always an issue during this time of year and it always will be. PSUN did well last year during storms & the year before that. PSUN is positioned perfectly for cold weather. If a teen gets cold, they will stay warm with cool hooded fleece tops by Quik or Volcum from PSUN.

      That's funny, I can't remember the last time a teen refied his house...or got that big $600 tax refund.

      I don't think you know what you're talking about. You're grasping!

      • 2 Replies to tommyscanner
      • Oh... My.
        I can't believe how stupid some people are on this board.
        Where do you think the teens are getting the money from ? Their parents of course.
        And don't give me that sales up 22% crap. Remember, PSUN had very bad year last year and it's when they hit all time low. Yes 22% up is impressive but it's like a student getting a D from a F. Is that impressive ?

        Read the news. News is out that mortgage application fell lowest in 17 months. People spent money like there is no tomorrow out of their equity. They bought cars, furnitures, and yes some PSUN clothes too. But with the impending real estate bubble ready to pop, parents will start to shut their wallets and remember consumer spending is two thirds of GDP. PSUN is great company at $15.

      • I just dropped by this board because I am wondering about the fall today (I am long HOTT).

        Anyway, had to put my 2 cents in. I heard a guy two days ago on NPR. He was from teen consumer research institute or some name like that, anyway, companies pay them to do research on teens consumer habits etc. He said they estimate that US teens will spend 170 Billion dollars in 2004. (I remember the amount because he said it was twice the money authorized to rebuild Iraq.) And he made the point that teens' money is virtually all for discretionary spending.

    • Yeah, you betcha! It's all gloom and doom ahead, heh shorty? You go with that theory and well see what happens. I'm long and getting longer.

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