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  • steem Aug 23, 2012 4:41 PM Flag

    Here's my view, Longs

    It will be slow growth with bumps up and corrections/profit taking/shorts downs it will grow, yes, but slow not as before when it grew to $2.54 (in march).

    It will continue it's steady growth as turnaround isn't happening as fast as we/street/investors/potential buyer would want. So yes, again this will give us some green days and some red days but overall it should be up at least .30-.40c by the next earnings call. I'll be honest here and I do not see $3 yet, numbers/guidance/outlook should improve for this to happen.

    Some real good changes are needed, there's a lot of hate to PacSun on a street and lots of bashing. Lot's of mad people who lost their $$$, thus it will be harder to pop up, but if Gary & Team does the job it will grow.

    2.19-2.20 is the mean/average level, is it a good buy - possibly is it a good short not really... this won't go below $2 for sure, there's simply no reason for that. Could be also a bit "dead money for some time" afterall time will tell.


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    • Wow what a 180 you have done in a mater of hours.
      First you said there would be a gap up tomorrow 2.30 to 2.40,
      now you say maybe it is a good short and this is dead money and
      won't hit 3 dollars before next earnings. Yesterday you said 2.50 today +. It is time for you to leave this board and admit you where wrong. In a few days. Go take your tail and your Longbeach ID out of here.

      • 1 Reply to pmemd
      • PSM, so much talk, blah blah, so much wasted time with PSUN, and you're still underwater. Must be doing something wrong. Now is your time for self assesment, and to get out'a here.

        Just take a look at PIER1, and follow the lead....Greeks know what they are doing, and they do it well!!

        This is definitely going to be a multi bagger from here on a long run, 4x-5x in a 2 year period.

        Next year is going to be a blast, after all 100 stores are closed and off the books. If they keep the positive cash flow, keep improving merchandising and margin, the roof is five stories high.....

        This earnings call has definitely acknowledged one thing:

        PSUN is BACK, baby

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