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  • gwconcord gwconcord May 8, 2013 5:43 PM Flag

    Kylie & Kendall in Cali stores this w/e

    Friday May 10 - Santa Monica
    Sat May 11 - Brea, California

    Of course, you all know that because you subscribe to pacsun emails, right!

    And you all know that last time K&K showed up at PacSuns was in February in the NYC area during a massive blizzard that shut down NYC airports, and there were so many people at the mall to see them, SWAT teams had to be called in, according to one of their Tweets.

    But you all know that, because you all do your research, and don't just listen to talking heads on the Jeff Macke show who say this company is trying to be "Abercrombie." That author might want to look at the difference between "preppy" clothing and what PacSun's selling.

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    • As a side note, that author who was trashing PacSun, Talbots and Radio Shack didn't seem to know Talbots is a private company, taken over after a profitable quarter I recall. Now I know that if you look at the Yahoo Finance page it says people who are looking at PSUN are looking at TLB, but really, TLB hasn't been a symbol since last year!

    • globull May 9, 2013 9:20 AM Flag

      Coldest spring on record this year is a disaster for psun.

      K&K's popularity has been declining slowly since its peak in early 2012.

      The stores are small, dirty and cramped with zero room for expansion because they are leased spaces in cheap malls.

      Meanwhile these same leases continue to rise in cost.

      The new upcoming generation has little interest in psun.

      The company is so broke they needed to secure a credit facility

      The stock is already up almost 100% since January.

      The available merchandise is available at many different big box retailers at cheaper prices

      Lastly- they had to close 200 stores. You know a brand has lost its identity and is on the decline when they stop expanding and start contracting. I bet this company will be bankrupt sometime by 2014. If they have 2 more consecutive bad quarters they might not make it to the end of this year.

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      • Kendall continues to appear on the covers of fashion magazines, will have her show return soon, and hasn't appeared in store since early 2012, so I'll let that "opinion" slide.

        Leases are rising in costs? I'm gonna call this out as 100% inaccurate, beyond any costs related to sales increasing, and leases being based on a percentage of sales. But if you have anything to back up your point, post it!

        Company secured a credit facility over a year ago and hasn't drawn on it as of the last quarter.

        Many of the major teen retailers are closing stores in America. Maybe you'd like to short ANF, too, on that argument.

        I could go on and on, but why? Are you really an expert in what the "upcoming generation" has interest in? We'll see in the months ahead!

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