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  • gwconcord gwconcord Aug 22, 2013 10:05 AM Flag

    Been Troll

    It's good to see that all of the "multiple" shorts that started and keep posting on the negative thread with a completely mathematically inaccurate subject line live in the fact-free zone. They don't correctly use basic math. They post fictional, information about the company, that anyone can look up the accurate information. They write whatever down that sounds scary and then complain when people call them out on their inaccurate information posted from multiple IDs. Then say (I'm sarcastically paraphrasing): "Get a life! Now let me continue posting incorrect information from my multiple accounts on a lightly read message board, because that, clearly is a life!"

    Now check out how Been Trill's been doing at PacSun. In addition to menswear selling out, online, now a woman's item is sold out online, too.

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    • kbarake Aug 23, 2013 9:16 AM Flag

      Man, I don't have multiple ID's... This is my one and only ID... I just started commenting not long ago... There are other haters out there besides me... I just enjoy running my mouth a bit... And calling the obvious in advance... I can't wait for that report to come out... I'll keep quite till it does... Then I will comment bomb all the threads... LOL or if the stock actually does start rising... I'll shut my mouth and take this bad prediction like a man and not post anything else ever again... I probably wouldn't have ever came back on this forum but I really enjoy arguing with your type... LOL p.s. I don't think been trill is actually selling enough to turn this around... But just a personal opinion... I am thinking they just don't have a large stock of it...

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      • I didn't say Been Trill would turn the company around. Obviously they have a limited supply of it. Been Trill is a piece of a puzzle that involves selling brands perceived as cool to get people in the stores to buy those brands and more importantly other things. That said, my recollection is they tested four shirts which quickly sold out, then add a larger quantity of items, including womens. Presumably as a business, if the demand is there, they will keep increasing the supply.

      • I like psun and think its just a trend with these teens. My thinking is abercrombie, bebe, amercian eagle are all down. Hopefully the trends and profits are shifting to pacsun. pacsun sells good quality clothes and hopefully will do fine.

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